12 Mini Steps Every Blogger Must Take To Successfully Market Themselves


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While other bloggers are busy making money for themselves, there are noiseless workers who are starting to become very powerful and effective online writers. Most people have tried and failed and those who stand out are really the good ones who knew the secret to achieving what they wanted.

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I can confidently say that blogging has helped many businesses. Through successful blogging, most bloggers have been able to develop connections with many new clients and extended their client base through e.g. referrals. The blog is an indispensable piece of promotional program and based on its benefits, one can be successful and make money online through it.

Now, if you want to successfully market yourself and start making money online as a blogger, let us run through some tips I’ve discovered in making this reality work out.


  1. Be Yourself

This is one of the basic marketing strategies that work. Marketing yourself as a blogger requires you to be who you are and write in your own quirky style. Being someone else will make life difficult for you as it is not part of your real life. This enlightens readers to become more acquainted with you and what you’re about.


  1. Get Passionately Involved

Try not to give your financial goal(s) a chance to get in your way. If you want to market yourself online and become a successful blogger, your heart will have to play a vital role.

Your focus should be on writing quality contents and not the money you will earn from it. Don’t allow ego and self-centeredness hinder you from being the well-known, credible writer you wish to become.


  1. Build Trust And Never Let It Fade Away

Reputation is what you should build here. Your reputation will set a lasting impression on your visitors. As a matter of fact, old clients should still be kept in touch with because of this attribute.

Remember it took you a long time to get a few customers so never let the relationship fade without any good reasons.

If you break it once, you will experience serious difficulties getting yourself back on track. If you are a determined blogger who is aiming at achieving success, you must not write about anything that would sacrifice your integrity.

Expound on things that would bring a great sense of understanding, wisdom and entertainment to your visitors. In spite of the fact that gossips might be highly productive, this may be the same reason for your destruction so it is better avoided than hurt.


  1. Discipline and Commitment

Blogging is a hobby for most people. It is something they like and do for fun. However, for those who are doing it as a business, it requires serious commitment to keep it going.

There are times when you write effortlessly and there are times when you get writer’s block as well. Truth be told, it can be a serious struggle to concoct anything decent at times. But you can’t just simply sit down and wait for a miracle to happen, you have readers to satisfy and this is no time to let them down; there is never such time. This is where discipline and commitment are really measured.

One thing you just have to do is to take advantage of those good writing days when you write effortlessly. Write extra posts on good days so that you have something to post when you get stuck. This will at least get you by in times of trials.

I feel this quote by Jack Maa founder of the Alibaba Group best sums up this section, “Fix your roof when there is no rain, because trying to fix a broken roof when it’s raining is very difficult.”

In summary prepare for times of trouble when you have none so you never have to worry when it comes.


  1. Promote Your Blog

Because you’re a good writer isn’t a guarantee that your post will be read or seen by anyone. You have to get your post out there! You have to promote your posts!

No one else is ever going to love your work as much as you do or shout out, to everyone, how great your blog, business, service or products are as much as you.

Tell those on your email list to share your post via social media, use services like Just Retweet to get people to share it. There are other blogging communities like BizSugar where you can share posts too.

Readers don’t like stress and inconvenience; you therefore need to make it easy for your readers to share your post by having all popular social media sharing links next to the post.


  1. Market Yourself On Social Media Sites

This should be an obvious step to take. Social media platforms are used to connect with friends, family and also to meet new people. Don’t get it twisted, you being on social media gives you no assurance that you are marketing on social media.

Take yourself to the next level by joining groups and community related with your niche on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace, Tumblr etc.

Develop and establish yourself as the go-to figure on these platforms by providing the best quality answers to people’s questions. You might even want to attach a link back to your website which goes into depth on that topic. If the articles you composed on your blog are useful and informative, you can expect them to be shared around the internet which in turn will help you attract more clients and get more sales.


  1. Monetize Your Blog

You need to monetize your blog without any delay, immediately after you set up your website. After setting up your blog, install Google AdSense to your account.

This isn’t an attempt of being greedy in anyway, it is quite encouraging to see cash being generated from your blog in the early days. Plus it helps to have a little bit of cash to pay for the hosting and the Starbucks coffee you will inevitably start drinking when you start working from your laptop.

Of course, you must keep working on other ways of monetizing your blog. Here are a few suggestions on how to do so:

  1. Have a consulting services

  2. Do affiliate marketing

  3. Create your own courses (here is a great tool to use – click here)

  4. Sell advertising spaces – kind of like digital billboards on your digital property

Check out this article on Forbes on How To Make Money As A Blogger: Click here


  1. Connect With Fellow Bloggers

You can’t do it alone! No man or woman is an island. As much as you want people connected with you, you should also apply exertion on building long lasting relationships with other colleagues as well.

If you truly want to market yourself and become a successful blogger, you should ensure that your network is solid as these are the same people who will assist you in becoming successful. Plus working together with other like-minded people in your field of work will stop you from feeling lonely when working from home.

Try not to regard them as rivals since they are most certainly not. All bloggers are writers and all true writers don’t rival each other, but rather develop relationships that last forever.


  1. Always Publish Your Best Work

Make sure you publish your best work anytime you publish new content on your blog. Dedicate time and don’t rush your work because you need instant publication. It’s better to take time, put in more effort and publish late than to publish rushed work fast. Make sure your contents are valuable and unique to the readers.

Remember to keep improving your skills too. All because you are “writer” on a website doesn’t mean you are exempt from the rules. You are in a digital world and must learn to embrace it. Find ways to learn new techniques, maximise your time, attend events, online groups and reach out to people via social media.


  1. Your Website

Most internet marketers disregard this essential point. Your blog or website is described as the online home of your business. After going through those difficult processes mentioned above, working hard on link building and social networking, then sending readers to an amateur site, what then is the point of all your hard work?


Sending client, fans, or readers to a site/blog that is repelling them instead of attracting them can be likened to an advertisement that brings visitors to a good-looking store but having the doors locked preventing them from gaining access.


Take a look at your home, you keep it tidied and maintain it when necessary, right? … I hope! Do the same with your home online because this is what is representing you and it is what the rest of the world see?

It portrays your real image to those that are not your friends, family or loved ones. You wouldn’t like to invite a visitor to an untidy home, who does that?


  1. Internal Linking

Always make sure you incorporate some links to your previous posts or pages on your site in your post. This will help get your site and posts indexed in search engines.

It also allows your readers to spend more time on your blog and read the quality content you are delivering to them. Just think of your website as a mental buffet, have the relevant signs to the yummy dishes and bigger signs on the most important ones.

Try not to go overboard with linking everything to avoid your post being considered as spam. Ensure that you link only what is relevant or related.


  1. Comment Other Blogs

This is an effective way to direct people to your blog. Blogging is a very social business; you have to get yourself out there in front of others if you haven’t as of yet! Follow sites/blogs in your niche and make valuable and helpful comments. At the base of these comments, you leave backlinks to your site.

Traffic to your blog is paramount, but most importantly is the relationship you form by connecting with other bloggers. Many of them will visit your blog and post comments in return. It’s really brilliant to see how rapidly these connections can be formed! Beside business benefits, many have likewise made life- long friends through blogging communication.



Stay with your blog until it achieves your desired result. Don’t give up or move on to something else without achieving success on one thing because you will carry that failure with you into the next, and the next, and the next project you wish to try.

Set goals and make it your responsibility to accomplish it. Interact with others and use them as a source of motivation to move on.

Passion is irresistible and keeps your readers steadfast. It triggers them to impart what you say to their colleagues and friends, who can later connect with you. As a blogger, if you have passion for whatever line of work you are in and impart it through your blog, it will without a doubt become a hit.

If someone else is appreciating you, it’s less demanding to remain inspired and the more propelled you are, the more you’ll get done. The more you can get done and achieve, the more successful you are going to become.

Thanks for reading through to the end of the article. Hope you found some useful nuggests of information which has inspired you to get started blogging.

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Feel free to share your thoughts below so we can get a conversation going.


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