4 Productivity Tools to Maximise your Time

Here are 4 Websites that will help you be more efficient with your time

We all know the saying, ‘time is money’ so how about we find the best way to maximise our time so we can make more money or have the time to do as we like?

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Nobody starts work feeling like this is how to spend the day, right? Well, this page is going to be a life-saver for you.

I am going to share with you, the best productivity tools that are out there on the internet that is being used by many TOP internet marketers to best maximise their time.

All I can say is that you will not be disappointed with these tools. Even if you only use just one of them, you will be one step closer to taking control of your time so you can spend it the way you dream.

1. EggTimer

Are you working too long on projects? When there is no time limit you have no clear end goal to work to.

Use this free website to time your work period in seconds, minutes or hours. EggTimer has a loud BEEP after to alert you when the timer reaches zero.


2. Instamate

This is a great desktop platform that helps maximise your time and increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

You are able to schedule posts, edit images directly on the platform, add cloaked URL links, search what is trending via hashtags, users, map locations and more.

Instamate lets you directly message Instagram users and even lets you add the first message on your post.

The new version of Instamate has a feature that lets you schedule posts on to Instagram’s new story feature.

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IFTTT means If This (happens) Then That (Should Happen)

This is a great web service that aggregates all your web applications together in one place and sets certain actions to happen when another action takes place.

This tool helps you connect and interact with anything, any website or device. You can set it so that your email is connected with the weather news so it would automatically alert you whenever it is going to rain.

You can set it up so that two devices can communicate with each other so you don’t have to do it manually every time.

3 IFTTT -adefalohun-blogging-makemoneyonline

4. Slack

This app lets you communicate with all your team members in one location without any distractions like on Facebook.

You can organise your teams into different channels, directly message them and make face-to-face calls.

Slack also lets you drag, drop and share files as well as connecting you with all your favourite tools, apps and websites.

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If you have any tools that you feel help you to maximise your time, feel free to share below.

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