5 Steps For Marketing Yourself Online Successfully in 2017: Part 1

Understanding That Your Phone Is Powerful

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Preparing to write this topic go me so pumped. This is a topic I am passionate about and one that a lot of freelancers and individuals who are thinking of building a brand online need to read.

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There are a few step needed to successfully market yourself online that are easy to start implementing and require no money.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Understanding That Your Phone Is More Powerful Than You Realise

It took me a while to before I decided to get a smartphone. That was simply because I wanted to hold on to the idea of a phone being just a phone.

I predominately used my phone for calling and texting. I even used the emailing function when I discovered it, so long cumbersome character limits. (Here’s why the limit even existed)

Anyway I had my phone for a long time and this one was on its last leg. The microphone had gotten so weak people could barely hear what I was saying.

Around that time I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk. He was travelling around to different countries, headphones in both ears calling, listening to music (maybe) with his iPhone 7+.

(The iPhone7 was just released at the time. It’s the first smartphone to have two cameras on the back. This was late 2016 so if you are reading this in the future and phones now have three or four cameras please don’t be shocked).

Anyway, what I realised was that the current phone I was using just didn’t cut it anymore. We are no longer in the Stone Age and I refuse to limit myself or capabilities by not getting a smartphone.

Grant Cardone, a public speaker and New York bestselling author said this, “If you don’t have a smartphone, then you have a dumbphone.” And I finally understood what he meant.

The next day we went in search of a smartphone. We checked the four telecommunication giants here in Japan SoftBank, AU, NTT Docomo and Yahoo Mobile.

By the end of the fourth day of searching I had settled with AU and had an IPhone in my hand ready to take home. (By the way trying to get a phone in Japan as a foreigner is bloody difficult, more on that in another article.)
So here is where I realized the potential of my phone.

When I went to Las Vegas to attend the Affiliate Summit West 2017, #ASW17, my iPad ended up getting iPad is disabled try again in 5 mins screen. It sucked! I couldn’t access ANYTHING (has this ever happened to you?) I didn’t even bring my laptop so couldn’t do anything to fix it throughout the entirety of my stay.

ipad is disabled try again in 5 minutes screen on adefalohun.com“Your phone is a genie waiting to grant you any wish.”

While everyone around me was editing with their laptops, making full use of the round table I had my iPhone in one hand which I used to accomplish the same tasks.

I had no choice but to use my recently purchased iPhone. I didn’t hesitate one moment to pick up right where I left off with my iPad and continued tweeting and blogging.

I even started, sharing more posts on Facebook, live chatting, filming more, interviewing key industry leaders and the best of part of it all was the easy video editing app which allowed for quick uploads to YouTube moments after filming.

WHAT A BLESSING. In fact I got more done on my iPhone that trip than I had ever gotten done on my iPad, ever!
That day I realised smartphones are more than an expensive entertainment device used for likes, watching videos and selfies.

They are the future of communication and they are a tool that is being underutilised.

to be continued on the next page of how to make money online through your blog as a freelancerclick here to continue to part 2

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