5 Steps For Successfully Marketing Yourself Online in 2017: Part 4 & 5

Brand-Marketing online by Reaching out & promoting: Final Chapter

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5 Steps For Marketing Yourself Online Successfully in 2017: Part 3

Step 4

Reach Out & Guest Post

Now we are going to look at boosting your brand presence even more by taking it outside of your current circle and reach by creating unique content on other people’s platform.

What do I mean? Why should we start looking at creating content on other people’s platforms and boost their brand awareness? Shouldn’t we be focused on building our brand on our site or blog?

Well, there are merits for choosing to use established platforms such as having the ability to generate a new source of traffic to your own blog which you’d never have gotten organically.

You are able to increase your brand awareness or blog’s readership by commenting on articles in sites like Medium.com, JohnChow.com, KISSmetrics, Mashable, PsychologyToday and so on.

These sites might also allow you to put your blog’s URL in your content which will bring new readers to your site who already have a connection and hopefully some trust with your from the established site.

Besides even if you do not get any new readers at least you would have your name on an established site and also you can test to see what people want to read  by the amount of engagement.


Step 5

Keep Your Blog or Website Actively Ready

So far we’ve looked at embracing technology, building your voice, building your confidence and increasing your brand reach by writing or creating something for established websites.


It is time to bring it all back home. You blog or site is where you want to have people engaged. Think blogs and websites like houses and your goal is to have the best house party in town which never stops. Anyone can join the party and come into you house and you welcome them with open arms. Some people might just want to peer their heads in and quickly leave, while others have to go but come back again and again but finally there is one person who LOVES your party so much they never want to leave.

Your blog has to be ready to deal with all types of people.

First & second person: offering them a snack or a drink (metaphorically speaking), a flyer to the next party or something they can take with them before they leave so they can remember you? (A free giveaway)

Third person:  Make sure they are having fun, you check up on them once in a while and also offer them some food and drinks (metaphorically speaking. We all love a host that over delivers and works to please us). (A free giveaway – resource, time, energy or download)


Next you want to make sure your house is visible for miles to come so why not have clear directions on how to get there plus some posters, flyers, billboard ads etc. (Search Engine Optimization – SEO)

Make sure your house is clean, well-furnished, spotless and well labelled. (Good branding on the blog, quality photos, easy to see contact information and a professional email address e.g. info@yousite.com)


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