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These days virtually everyone is talking about building an online business, however, for the most part, those who are actually making a killing aka “the professionals” overlook orleave out the most significant pieces of the puzzle on how to start making money online. This makes many of the concepts VAGUE someone confusing to beginners.

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Whenever we attend a live event or webinar and the speaker has finished, most newbies to the make money online world end up asking the professional or guru pretty much the same questions and that is, ‘How do I actually start making money online now?’


How is it possible to begin making some easy cash online today, this week or within a month of starting your online business in this vast internet universe and start converting your efforts into real quick cash that can be used to purchase goods like groceries, rent, travel, student loans, cars and time with the family, friends and partner?


First of all, your main focus should be on building an audience or fan-base for your product or service. ( read article by Nathan Chan on Entrepreneur.com called “15 Tips to Grow a Social-Media Audience for Your Startup“)


To do this you are going to have to start appealing to your audience, sincerely supporting them, and eventually start promoting products and services they need. In turn you will begin to see your earnings and revenue increase. Showing your willingness to help others and to be fully altruistic is the best way to truly bring all of your efforts to reality and give you quick results.


Once you size an audience on any platform, you can make products that they like and need by delivering products and services your audience has been enquiring.


Does this seem simple?


Ok, let’s begin… Here are the 5 easy ways for you to start earning money online. Try These Simple Ways That Most Online Businesspersons Use To Generate Income:


#1: Providing Information to Aid People Learn A Specialized Skill

Supposedly, you are a chef who assists people by cooking really delicious and healthy meals for a very low price. You could design a recipe e-book, or a video course on cooking healthy meals?

Consequently, you will increase your authority as a celebrity chef and an audience/fan base which will be willing to purchase what you create because the like and respect your work/style/vision etc.

Simply, offer the market what it demands and the response would be irresistible.

For instance, a digital course can be made that helps people start and grow a money-making business online with their freelancing skills.


#2: Offer Drop Shipping

First of all let’s understand what drop shipping is:

“Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

The biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third parties – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfil orders.” Read full article from Shopify by clicking here.

Ok so here is the best way to start drop shipping…

  1. A) Opening up an e-commerce store
  2. B) Offer how guides and case studies on drop shipping

There are ample spaces in the marketplace for you to occupy, dominate or be a huge competitor. You can get a lot of guidance here: How to create a drop shipping business.

Let’s have a look at some of the Benefits of Drop Shipping

Less Capital Is Required

Easy to Get Started

Low Overhead

Flexible Location

Wide Selection of Products

Easy to Scale


Read more about the benefits of drop shipping here

Let’s look at the Disadvantages of Drop Shipping

Low Margins

Inventory Issues

Shipping Complexities

Supplier Errors


Read more about the benefits of drop shipping here

There are various ways to find drop shipping wholesalers, and the video below outlines your options:

Or you might always manufacture goods that you know your targeted audience desires.


#3: Create Webinars

The creation of webinars has been a great tool for people in the personal development world and the online marketing-make money online industry. However, hosting webinars aren’t the only way to start generating easy cash online quickly, they are by far the cheapest way.

(Check out some of the other posts on the website that talks about the best ways to make money online for cheap without having to spend much money)

A webinar is basically a seminar held on the web, hence the name web + seminar = webinar.

Clever, isn’t it.

What are the benefits of hosting a webinar?

You will be in full control of educating existing and potential customers, generating leads, building a strong position in the market, converting new contacts, making new contacts and owning live recorded webinars for future use. Check out this infographic.

How are webinars useful?

Oli Gardner a writer at Unbounce wrote an article on “10 Reasons Smart Companies Use Webinars For Lead Gen” so if you have the time jump over there and read the full article, or just keep reading and get the simplified & condensed version here:

The article explains how easy it is to make money online doing webinars because they are free, no location restrictions, you can share free content, follow up on users etc.


What are some of the best webinar tools and software out there on the market?

Here is a list of the 13 best webinar software products from around the net.

Check these out and find which one(s) you like the best. Some of these are free and some are not.

You may also know a couple of them because of their name and popularity in the market but don’t let that stop you from trying something new.

You might find one that isn’t very popular but have all the features you need.

1.    Google+ Hangouts
2.    Webinars OnAir
3.    Skype
4.    GoToWebinar
5.    Cisco WebEx
6.    Adobe Connect
7.    MegaMeeting
8.    ReadyTalk
9.    AnyMeeting
10.    OnStream
11.    ClickWebinar
12.    omNovia
13.    Blackboard Collaborate


#4: Provide Services

‘YOU’ are your largest resource and people who enjoy following you for all the great free services you offer through your blog, videos or whatever platform you choose would be happy to learn even more from you. Particularly, if the info you have been providing, for free, in the past has been of great value and benefit to your audience.


It is now the time to start offering your services, a way to help your viewers achieve even more by personally doing it for them. We are moving away from the DIY mentality to the DIFM – DO IT FOR ME – way of thinking. That is why we have so many great inventions and innovations.


For example: walking take too long so car were invented, driving your car was too slow so trains and plane where created.

Another example: telephones calls were too expensive and limited so a way to communicate with friends new and old, family, new people and colleagues was created, we call this Social media.

Even more examples: Facebook was too private and limited us sharing our voice with everyone, so Twitter was created. Twitter was too text heavy so Instagram was created.

Here is a non-online example: you can’t be bothered to cook dinner today so you go to a restaurant. You want variety maybe sushi from that new Japanese, or that thin-crust Italian pizza, or what about a delicious spicy Indian curry on the weekend. All these are services created to help simplify the lives of the masses.


Are you starting to get an idea of what services are available for you to offer?

Not yet??


Ok here is one that will hit home. If you are presently employed, there is some portion of knowledge or skill you possess, that your boss is willing to pay you to implement every day, if you aren’t sure your contract should explain what your tasks are.


All you’ve got to do now is package your skills, brand yourself and offer these exact skills & knowledge (service) online to help others solvetheir problems. You will start earn more money in no time, of course you might have to work for a lower fee at first until you build enough customers and a name for yourself.


#5: Ads

Advertising works on your websites and can also be used to promote ANYTHING on many different platforms like podcasts and YouTube channels etc. Advertising on the internet is basically the same as traditional TV and radio, you ask to advertise of their platform and when a person buys you get paid.

Another way is if you have a large blog or blogs like Lifehack, they have a high flow of traffic (viewers) and can monetize them (make money from the viewers) by selling space on their website for other companies to put their advertising on.

Did You Know: When more and more people begin to have a huge curiosity in one market e.g. social media, so does the amount of eyeballs – viewers aka ‘traffic’?

You can generate income by using this phenomenon of an increasing market by inserting advertising “ads” your product or service(s).

Did You Know: Advertising online is not so advanced that it is limited to only the smart and tech-savvy people.

You can learn how to advertise on the internet too.


Check out GOOGLE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER for how to advertise on them.


The end


thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and help.

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