6 unique productivity tools that is going to make your 2017 very productive

Let's take a look at the six tools to boost your productivity

Here are 6 tools and platforms you can

1. LastPass

This tool is the all in one password managing system.

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It stores all your passwords from all the different accounts you have set up online in one digital location.

LastPass can auto-fill forms, generate strong new passwords automatically and you can access your private area on any device anywhere in the world.

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2. EverNote

Evernote is a commonly used app by internet savvy marketers and non-marketers to save notes, audio and text.

You can set reminders, organise your images, upload documents and have easy access on any of your devices e.g. computer, mobile and tablets.

Plus, Evernote‘s bookmarks lets us make it easy to clip web articles and store them for later reading.

If you use multiple devices, Evernote is for you.6 EverNote - adefalohun-blogging-makemoneyonline

3. Google Drive

Google Drive lets its users store everything on the cloud so you can access them anytime or anywhere.

You are able to store up to 15GB of memory here.

Backup your files, photos and docs then view them again on other devices.

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4. Google Alerts

This is a great tool if you are looking for a great way to receive the latest news on any specific person, topic or news.

You can easily monitor any current topic by setting Google to search the entire internet to find and have them sent directly to your inbox.

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5. HootSuite

If you have many social media accounts then you will like this platform.

Hootsuite creates a dashboard where you can view all the latest activities (both yours and people you are following) all happening on your connected social media networks.

You also have the ability to schedule posts on the major social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress and Instagram (Instamate or InstaEasy might be a better tool if you focus mainly on Instagram).

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6. RescueTime

RescueTime lets you see your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.

It does this by running in the background of your chosen device and tracks the amount of time you spend on applications and websites.

You are then given a full report of your activity.

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So to recap on the six outstanding productivity tools that are going to make your 2017 truly as productive as it needs it to be:

  1. LastPass

  2. Evernote

  3. Google Drive

  4. Google Alerts

  5. Hootsuite

  6. RescueTime


Do you know of any other tools that can help? Share your suggestions below!

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