7 Cheeky Strategies To Sell Yourself The Steve Jobs Way

The Steve Jobs Way to Dominate Your Industry

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If you have been living under a rock for the past 20 plus years then maybe you wouldn’t have heard of Steve Jobs, so here is a very, very simple intro.

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Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple, one of the biggest tech-giant companies in the world. Before he climbed the ladder of success, he did so many mind blowing things that one could glean knowledge from. He dominated not only the personal computer industry but amalgamated all the knowledge and techniques he gained from other industries to fulfill his dream.

Steve Jobs left some cheeky strategies that you too can glean to help you dominate your industry just like he did, obviously if you are willing to follow his footsteps you can attain such great heights too.


Here are 7 cheeky strategies to sell yourself the Steve Jobs way so you can dominate your industry.


1. Do What You Love

Nothing incredible comes out of hopelessness. Life is too short to work a job you hate without stopping for even a single minute. Passion is everything; this is what keeps you going when you confront inevitable setbacks. Be obsessed and always improve the areas that you love. It takes guts to do what you love. Most people will criticize you on it and discourage you that such job is risky or you won’t make any profit or some other garbage.


(Click on this sentence to read a previous article I wrote that talks about our environment, haters and naysayers)


You might hear people advising you to ignore them and be true to yourself. But that is a load of BS. Let these types of negativity and doubting Toms be your fuel to greatness.


Let this #quoteoftheday guide you:

“The best form or revenge is success.”


However, passion is not enough to dominate your industry and to make progress; you have to focus on what and where you can make money.


  1. What is your purpose in life and your destiny?
  2. How can you be a world changer?
  3. How can you be a solution to the world?


Steve Jobs had to take a calligraphy class because he was inquisitive (curious). Most people thought he was nuts. We have so many cool PC fonts today because of that class.

This is just one definition of the world “impact”, now all computer users are using these cool functionalities and features because Steve Jobs decided to spend time in what he love.

This made him dominate his industry and generation. You too could learn from this cheeky strategy.


2. Put A Dent In The Universe

This is an inspiration for yourself and your team. People need to be motivated in order to produce at a higher level. This is difficult because innovation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Innovation starts with a vision, learn to dream dreams of who you want to become and how you want to add value to the world presently.


How can you make your clients’ lives better?

What’s the master plan and how can you share your vision with people who will make your vision a reality?

With weights from all edges, it is easy to be mediocre.


You will make great things happen if you are putting a dent in the universe on every project. For example:


On a much smaller scale, we develop software for the police departments in their dispatch centers. It is our vision to make their job easier because an enhanced dispatch will result in a faster means of saving lives. This is just an example of a small dent in the wall.


3. Kick Start Your Brain

To kick start your brain, we must go out of our way to encounter different situations and provide solutions in multiple areas. I can confirm that occasionally you are so caught up in what the clients’ need that you disregard your need to improve and your problem might be that you are stuck in a routine. Always keep your eyes open.


Check out this TED Talks video on where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson.

You can get his book here on Amazon

Click here to go to Amazon and check out the book plus reviews

Let’s continue!


Look out for new and novel experiences, and fill your brain with them. Look for people doing something remarkable and learn from them. Steve Jobs studied Mercedes Benz and the Four Seasons Hotel because they are experts when it comes to remarkable client experiences. Steve Jobs introduced what he had learnt from observing the Four Seasons Hotel “a Concierge Service” in the Apple Store.

A basic piece of this principle is to make connections among unique things and force yourself beyond the limit of your physical and mental comfort zone. Living your dream requires creative intuition which requires drenching in novel experiences.

Create ways for new experiences because they expand the way you think. Surround yourself with people from various societies. Always experiment and try new things.


4. Sell Dreams Not Products

If you have not seen any of Steve Job’s presentations, take a moment and hop over to YouTube (search “Steve Jobs presentation”) and immerse yourself in a couple hours of Steve.

You will learn that he is an excellent story teller and a master presenter. He sells dreams and possibilities not bits and bytes.

Apple products are packaged with incredible engineering and innovation yet he keeps the geek speak to a minimum.


“I can attest that our sales of our software went up dramatically when we stopped selling product tech babble and started selling dreams and possibilities.”

Quote from the book: The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

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Understand your clients, and help them to achieve their dreams. Get to know them better than they know themselves. Think of ways in which you can change your customers’ world for the better.

Create amazing customer experiences and market that! Your clients often may not know what they want, so be a linchpin and anticipate their need before they do.



5. Say No To 1,000 Things

This must be the hardest guideline covered so far. For instance the battery of an iPod cannot be interchanged. Steve Jobs kept his resolve and did not allow consumers to push him for convenience.

He thought adding an interchangeable batter in his products would have included too many moving parts, reduced reliability and increased complexity. Keep in mind that for every input there should be an output. This will make two break points surface; eliminate one thing and dispose of two problems.

Take the street less traveled and avoid distractions so you can concentrate on the core product. Wipe out diversions from the customer experience. Go for simplicity and don’t spread yourself too thin.

Steve Jobs told Nike’s CEO Mark Parker, “Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” Go for elegance and simplicity.

Rearrange and focus on your product and service offerings. You know what you do best, focus on it and simplify!


6. Create Insanely Great Experiences

Take a look at Apple Store for example, they thought about every last bit to make it a great experience. Create emotional connections with your clients. Apple took the Starbucks experience along with knowledge and there was no pressure selling to the people. Other companies failed upon trial.

Innovation and execution has a significant effect. Ask questions! What are five ways you can improve the lives of your clients?

Think outside the box! Get answers outside the industry. Create memorable experience so you have fans that can go crazy for your products. Before you innovate, always consider your customer’s way of thinking and then you may proceed from that point.


7. Master Your Message

You can’t hide passion. Communicate your vision effectively! When you love what you do and are ready be sure that people will eventually see it. Create innovation around the way you communicate the vision.


Observe and learn from master communicators and presenters. Become a great storyteller, and be steadfast in your messaging.


Mastering your message requires the talent of telling a captivating story. Story telling will create more passion and win more business around your company than anything else.


Innovation is an astonishing convergence of somebody’s imagination and the reality in which we live. One of the ways to succeed in life is to know how to effectively position, market yourself in every circumstance. And of course, to have success in any specific niche or industry communication without a doubt a given.


Your excitement and passion as well as your story telling ability will attract great people. Another figure that should be recognized is Sir Jonathan Ive the new Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple.


And there you have it, “7 Cheeky Strategies to Sell Yourself The Steve Jobs Way”.

What did you learn from this post? How was it useful? What do you think you need to work on?


Until next time
Ade Falohun


p.s. Share your thoughts and comments below. I look forward to reading them!

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