Have you ever found yourself fixated on the answers to these questions below?

“How do I bring in more business or clients?”

“How do I inspire others to join my team, or support us?”

“How do I persuade others to give a lower price, increase my salary, and give the best quote?”

“How do I market and price my product (or services) so that the market wants to purchase it?

“How do I become a better speaker and build a fan base?”

“How do I get individuals to shop at my store while wanting to recommend me to their friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances?

If have found yourself fixated on answering these questions, you’ve just struck a gold line because at we solve problems so you can focus on what’s important like making money, spending time with friends, family and so on.

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What to expect

My uncle always said, “To be the best you have to think like the best.”

In today’s digital media world everyone has a voice and everyone is using it for positive, negative or just whatever.

This means that any future or current business owner, like you, must be obsessed with learning how to rise above the noise and MASTER Marketing – advertising, branding & communication, as well as Selling.

There’s no way any one person can run a successful business as well as juggle a social life, health, a relationship, a full time job, education, self-development, community activities, spirituality (discovering one’s true self) and personal time!

Forget about shovelling through hundreds of books, research materials, academic courses, videos etc. Join Ade Falohun (for free) and start maximising your life – It’s time to live the #DotComLifestyle and start winning – for free.

It is your obligation to fulfil your true destiny and at we are devoted to helping you get the skills and experiences needed to live the life you desire.
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What is the Dotcom Lifestyle?

It’s a very simple concept inspired by my mentor JC, who earns over $100k on average per month.

His philosophy is very simple:

1. have plenty of time to take and pick up the kids from school
2. have location freedom (work from anywhere & not fixed in one location of work like an office)
3. have time to travel to numerous events locally and globally,
4. have time to attend invitations to guest speak at a variety of conferences around the world
5. making money online
6. make money online ANYWHERE & ANYTIME – no restrictions!

Sounds good…


Well, that’s what the dotcom lifestyle is all about – check out the many articles written on and learn how to start living the dotcom lifestyle for yourself now (it’s free).


What is about?

We have a huge passion for knowledge and seek to make Ade Falohun’s website the number one source of quality information for newbies, experienced and skilled entrepreneurs all over the world who are hungry to quit their uninspiring jobs and boring environment and step into their true selves by learning how to make money online and live the dotcom lifestyle.

We will be posting, weekly, useful information to help you start earning money online, develop marketing skills, advertising skills, branding skills, communication skills, reviews on the best online products, advice on internet marketing, and more.

It’s going to be insightful and inspiring. Check out some of the articles already posted:


Who is Ade Falohun?

-follow Ade| @adefalohun was created by Ade Falohun, an experienced marketer, international event organiser, SEO developer and communications teacher.

Ade Falohun has always had the hunger to learn & grow his skills in the digital market which began at the age of 16 when he built his first website.

His love for psychology and passion for the creative side of business led him to study advertising (print/digital) and brand communication in university. He also enjoyed spending his time creating events, and building website with a team of creatives from all walks of life because he understood the need for team work; “No one man is an island.”

Upon graduating Ade spent his time working for an extraordinary charity in the creative industry (advertising, graphics, design etc.) dedicated to working with various design companies, advertising and design agencies as well as supporting creative future graduates build a reputable name for themselves.

He then found his interest in languages, culture and travelling.

“To fully understand one’s culture, it’s important to see it from the eyes of another.” Ade Falohun

He moved to Japan and gained a wide range of experiences. He found a lot of similarities with the cultures and a lot of differences, but also gained a greater richer understanding human behaviour and cultural conditioning.

Ade has developed his skills for any digital market and is ready to leverage his skills to benefit businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

He can advertise and promote both online and offline.
He can teach how to create digital products
He can and teaches how to rank websites on search engines
He can create membership sites for your growing or niche business/es
He can help with creating your 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. website WordPress, Shopify etc.
He can help with installing WordPress so you can start blogging
He can help you get traffic to your website or blog
And more… email (adefalohun[at] and ask for what you need help with.

Ade Falohun has marketed digital products in the education & fitness niche. He is determined succeed in the living the Dotcom Lifestyle.

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. “ Zig Ziglar, Secrets of Closing the Sale (1984)

Since then he has had a number of successful websites in various niches (luxury real estate, education, events etc.) which utilize his skill in local and global SEO marketing.

His focus now is helping others succeed in their market with his experience in – advertising, branding and communication, as well as his SEO skills, he can rank websites on the first page of search engines.

He also helps pull in traffic to your website and shows you how to build an online platform to rocket launch your online presence.

Specifically, Ade helps you navigate through the internet, create a voice for yourself and other ninja marketing techniques to get you noticed, create quality marketing content, get traffic, create customers, and sell your products or services online.



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