Top 5 Skills Needed To Earn Money Freelancing (Even if You’re a Complete Newbie)

Top 5 Earn More Money Freelancing TIPS

Earn Money Freelancing

You could have the best job in the world but you look around and can tell it just isn’t paying you enough, it has nothing to do with greed, this world revolves around making money to survive (unless you live off the land the mountains).

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Cash, money is the life blood of any thriving city and country. You need it to purchase the latest gadgets, toys, fashion accessory, book, holiday trip with the fam and/or even just your bills at home.

You realize it is imperative to secure a second source of income to make some extra money to tide or prepare for rough times.

Freelancing jobs have the potential to bridge that gap of stressed full-time worker to happy full-time worker.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of ways to start to earn extra money plus next to none demand you having any super-skill or education.

Depending on what excites you and the tools you have accessible to you, you could test out a variety of unrelated jobs or focus down on a specific area.

You never know? You might just find your freelancing more interesting and pays more for less hours than your full-time job.

Best 5 Ways to Make Your First $100 Freelancing

Let’s just be clear, these aren’t the only way to make money online. There are HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of ways to earn some quick cash online.

These are just a few to get you thinking about what is available to you.

Start with something simple and as your experience widens so will your ability to find what people really want and are willing to pay lots of money for.

Let’s begin…



teaching online
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If you are really good at something, for example web designing, and are capable of making a sequence of video classes, you can easily become an instructor at SkillShare.

You would be in respectable company with other freelancers like yourself. You do not need to have any previous teaching experience, only some skills, and a strong aspiration to be a successful teacher in that field.

SkillShare tutorials and one-month teaching trial would help you to make a captivating video tutorial.

Your pays would depend on the popularity of your designed course, however, even low presence would allow to earn a handsome amount of money.



making money as a data entry freelancer
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Mainly copy-paste, minor writing edits, data categorization, conversions, research and stuff like that, are some of the tasks that might be required of you for this job.

You could work a few hours a day and make a couple hundred at the end of the month.

Obviously, your total money earnings depend on how frequent, fast and good you really are.

Sign up to ClickWorker, if you think you can perform some boring, everyday jobs in exchange for money.



make money freelancing on fiverr
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At Fiverr, you may provide any type of service beginning from $5. Sign up for an account, browse all over the place for the gigs and propose something related.

Honestly, in this online marketing space, you could sell and purchase all kinds of things like voiceovers, logo redesign, the creation of testimonials, transcriptions, video editing and more.

You will need to write an eye-catching “gig” explanation clearly outlining what you would if you were paid $5 e.g. translate 300 words from German to English; plus your extra services “add-ons” e.g. translate 300 words more for an extra $5; an extra $5 to complete the (gig) order in just one day etc.; connect to various payment methods like Payoneer, PayPal bitcoin etc., and start promoting your gigs and producing cash fast.



earn money freelancing as an online English tutor
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English language rehearsal is in extremely high demand in Asia?

Websites like permits teachers to mention their charges and services, plan classes and offer you with many tools to carry out them in real-time.

You can expect earnings from around $15 – $20 for 1 hour of work, which is not that bad.

If English is not your mother language, no worries, Italiki likewise invites German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and other native speakers to connect and start offering their services online.

You would have to fill out a thorough application form, get approval and then produce a professional profile, suitable timetable for you and a list of the range of courses you provide.

The website would manage the rest – setting up, payments, marketing and so forth.



make money online -
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Currently, the need for freelance writers in the fields of article writing, blog writing, content writing, translation, analogy writing, and offering creative ideas is booming more than ever.

Numerous large name websites do have professional writers, however, a larger number of sites are opting to outsource their web content to freelancers as well as to other content creators.

Experience is a must in this area, however, all that is actually needed to get the ball rolling is motivation, drive, ambition and the capability to deliver a new take on actions that occur every single day.



The end.


What do you think? Comment below and let’s get a conversation going.

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