Blogging VS Vlogging: What’s the Difference?

Blogging vs. Vlogging: Which is best for you?

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The advent of the Internet or the World Wide Web has changed the methodology and approach of marketing and communication. There was an era where the hard print or paperback was the medium of advertising and communication. Articles were written in magazines like Ebony, Newsweek, and newspapers. The reach of these mediums was limited and geographical.

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The Internet brought a new approach to communicating and advertising. The world became a global village and geography, and distance became a thing of the past. Now any message or product can be placed to an audience that cuts across every race and culture.

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Blogging is at its simplest a process of passing or sharing information online about a topic from a personal or business perspective. The major medium of sharing this information is through text or writing. Blogging comes in different forms, some of which are: personal blogging, collaborative or group blogs, and microblogging.

Pros of Blogging

  • A Blog is easy to set up. There is little or no prerequisite knowledge needed, except the ability to write. Sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr have made blogging even easier
  • Blogging does not need any special or extra equipment than the one required to write from, while you are online
  • By using SEO and a little advertising, you can start making money through blogging
  • Helps refine your writing skills as you have to write frequently as a blogger

Cons of Blogging

  • Blogging can be time-consuming as it takes a long time to express your thoughts and feelings through words. Blogging is also repetitive as it must be done regularly to get and keep followers.
  • Bloggers need to have a basic knowledge of SEO and communication skills.
    Blogging can be frustrating and may not bring in income quickly. It takes time for a blog to grow and become popular.


Vlogging, which is short for video logging, is a form of blogging but its major strategy is the use of videos instead of text. It covers the same premise as blogging. The idea is to push your information online.

Pros of Vlogging

  • Vlogging doesn’t require much writing skills, in fact, you can vlog in your dialect or language and still get viewers that don’t understand your language
  • Vlogging is more interactive as it contains video and it gets more viewers as people are more likely to watch a video than reading a blog that isn’t short and engaging
  • Vlogs are easier to share and thereby get more people to watch. Again, this is because people prefer to watch an article than to read about that same article

Cons Of Vlogging

Vlogging requires special and sometimes expensive equipment like a high-grade camera to get a decent video quality and software to edit the video. This equipment may cost a lot of money.

  • Vlogging ‘s hard to edit after the video has been posted


  • Vlogging requires some time and energy to learn how to use the equipment and software to make a good video

It is a matter of preference when it comes to choosing to either blog or vlog as both methods of communication have their plus and minus. Some feel more comfortable striking away at the keys on the keyboard while others want to express themselves visually.

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