Ten Common Words Every Japanese Native Use

List of Commonly used expressions in Japan by Natives

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So, have you been living here in Japan for over a few months and have got a basic grasp of the language or are you studying the language now?

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Tell me, have you noticed the many single words natives use when they hear something interesting, intriguing and or funny?

I have been noticing many of these single words and out of pure fascination I decided to knuckle down to learn what these expressions mean.

After asking around I have put together a list of the 10 most common used expressions.

I’m sure you will find these both intriguing and useful when communicating in Japanese or if you decide to come tour this culturally rich country.


Let’s begin!


List of 10 Common Expressions Used in Japan

  1. むしゃんよか [Romaji: mushanyoka] – “Fashionable person” this normally refers to a man and is commonly used in Kumamoto’s dialect (熊本弁).


  1. さすが [Romaji: sasuga] – “As expected” I recently experienced this. After a repeated habit of asking questions and explaining how I learn and study my friend then said, “さすが” which meant as expected of you.


  1. かっこいい [Romaji: kakkoii] – “That’s Cool” not referring to the temperature but used to describe many things expressing an emotion of amazement.


  1. えらい [Romaji: erai]- “Admirable” – So having discussed struggling and ways of overcoming this as a person or group you will then hear this used to, refer to you or your situation as great, admirable or distinguished.


  1. すごい [Romaji: sugoi] -”That’s cool / awesome!” – this is used slightly differently in Japanese from that of its English counterpart. すごい is used in amazement more like “wow.” However when referring to a person, place, experience etc it is more like amazing or awesome.


  1. すげ [Romaji: suge]― “cool / awesome!”. Sometimes you will hear this but don’t worry it is simply slang for すごい (above). You may hear this in casual situations or in cartoons aka anime.


  1. いいかも [Romaji: iikamo] -used to say that something is nice, good, or cool.


  1. さいこ [Romaji: saiko] -”the best” or “the coolest!” or “awesome!” I recently heard this and thought it meant さいご (saigo) which means last.


  1. イケメン [Romaji: ikemen] – “~a Handsome / Fashionable man” this is a recent word which has entered the Japanese language referring to a man who is either fashionable, well dressed or lookswise is really stunning.


  1. クール [Romaji: ku-ru] – “Cool” it is the same as in English written in katakana, one of the 3 japanese writing styles. It also has the a very similar sound too so this one is easy to remember and use.


What are some Japanese Expressions you know that are worth learning?

Write them below to share…

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