Understanding the Differences Between Domains, Data and Hosting

Domain names vs. Web Hosting vs. Data Files

Domain names vs. Web Hosting vs. Data Files

Most of the time when I talk to people about setting up a website, they tend to look pretty confused as to what a website really is and the HUGE benefits there are owning one. Let’s read below the breakdown of what the three most commonly confusing and most asked questions on the components that make up the internet.

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Understand websites domain, hosting and data keep reading below.

What is a domain?

An internet domain refers to network addresses that authorize control on the internet. Domain names are made of address, directory and file. Domain names are purchased from authorized domain registrar. Domain names are governed by ICANN who determine Domain Name System (DNS) and register them. The most common Top Level Domain (TLD) are .com, .edu, and .net.

There are features that can safeguard your domain, renew your domain to avoid lose, and manage your domains using personalized name servers.

What is hosting?

Web hosting is the process of housing and retaining files and still allowing people to visit and view your website. Web hosting services vary with from simple and free services, to complex and expensive services.

Types of web hosting services

    1. Internet Services Providers- ideal for people with low traffic with restricted features
    2. Free Web Hosting- ideal for personal websites
    3. Paid Hosting- Offers premiums and subscriptions
    4. Domain Hosting- Allows hosting anywhere at a small fee
    5. Collocation- Ideal for businesses that do now want to maintain their site
    6. Direct Internet Access- Offers control over the web

How to set up a web hosting account

What are data files?

The website data files usually tend to be your viewers & prospective buyers essentially look at whenever they are visiting sites like yours delivering information, products and services.

You see, the data files are just like every other document you ordinarily use, such as a jpeg image file, or perhaps .mp3 audio document. However, internet site files can come in .php files and .html files, these files – PHP scripts and html pages – are in short uniquely different files.

The website internet hosting server are able to scan and understand such files, that shows you what your internet site page appears and/alternatively informs the hosting server to execute a number of calculations.

These calculations typically are actions that determine the right content needed to deliver straight to the observer, and what discussion board or online community posting it’s required to deliver back.

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