What Are The Differences Between Facebook And LinkedIn?

Which Should I Use When it Come to Branding?

Facebook vs LinkedIn which platform should I use for branding

Overview of Facebook

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As you may know, Facebook is a social networking website where registered users create profiles, share photographs, post comments, chat live, play games and stream live videos. Shared contents are made publicly available or shared among friends or between users.

Facebook provides a platform which allows developers or users to create applications that increase interactions and accessibility among individuals, family and/or friends. The success of Facebook can be attributed to its ability to appeal to individuals and businesses, and its ability to interact with sites around the web by providing a single login that works across multiple sites.


Overview of LinkedIn

LinkedIn on the other hand is a social network designed specifically for the business community. It is used by individuals interested in taking their professional lives seriously by finding new opportunities to further their careers and connect with other professionals around the globe.

LinkedIn provides a platform for users to showcase their professional experience and achievements, job vacancies, identify potential talents and advertise goods and services. This platform is the world’s largest professional networking social media and it is growing rapidly with hundreds of millions of members’ worldwide.


Major Differences Between Facebook And LinkedIn

  • Facebook is focused on socializing, meeting new friends and building relationships. LinkedIn on the other hand, focuses more on creating business relationships, where the user can create deals, connect with people in a specific company, look for jobs, and hire employees.


  • Facebook, is designed more to connect family and friends. LinkedIn is designed more for business and professional networking and offers a profile and options to network in a business sense.


  • Businesses often use LinkedIn to create company and corporate pages, post job openings, attract talent, start and nurture conversations with customers and prospects, create leads, and promote other social media channels or initiatives.


  • Facebook provides a wider targeting options in terms of advertising compared to LinkedIn with narrow options, when selling B2B (Business to Business). LinkedIn may have the right audience while, Facebook is much better for a B2C (Business to Customers).



Which Should You Use Facebook Or LinkedIn?

Facebook vs LinkedIn which platform should I use for branding

Facebook can be used for any of the following:


  • Sharing of information: Facebook can be used to share information, pictures, videos with others, chat with friends, ask public opinion, ask questions, etc.


  • Find Old School, College mates, Friends, Relatives of Colleagues: Facebook is used to find old friends and colleagues and connect with them.


  • Business Promotion: adverts on this platform allow individuals target people of specific age, geographic location, and interests, making on-line advertisement most useful and effective.


  • Entertainment: Facebook provides tons of gaming and other applications, available to users to play games.


  • Facebook: recently launched a new feature to take on LinkedIn (read full article here). This feature is going to let page administrators create job postings and receive applications from candidates, a move that will no doubt pressure LinkedIn’s (lnkd) recruiting business niche.


LinkedIn can be used for any of the following:

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  • B2B Networking: The LinkedIn platform connect people and companies with like interests, after all, and promotes chances of finding trustworthy business partner or organization.


  • Lead Generation: LinkedIn can be used for networking and to produce business leads, this comes organically as people find you on LinkedIn and like what they see.


  • Staffing: Relevant LinkedIn profile often attract enquiries and request for job applications from top talent who are using the network. It can be used as a tool for recruitment of suitable candidates for jobs.


To Conclude:

Use both!

Facebook and LinkedIn are separate platforms used in completely different ways by the users for completely different reasons, so respect that and you should be fine.

Keep LinkedIn professional and write with clarity making sure you do everything to the best of your abilities. Reach out to other people in your industry or industries you like and start connecting. LinkedIn has a great list of quality users who want to connect with new people. If you are trying to brand yourself as a professional you will need to use this platform to reach industry leaders.


Then hop over to Facebook and chat with your friends build your brand by word of mouth. Post a few memes and some prank videos on your wall. Share some old pictures with friends and ask questions, share something random that happened recently.  Relax, Facebook is like your living room, invite whoever you like or remove whoever you don’t want in there anymore.

You can also create private pages if you don’t want to get too personal with people. Your pages can be mage private so no one can find it or have it searchable but you will need permission to enter. Facebook has also added a call to action option so you can have your viewers:

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  • Learn More
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Remember the people who use LinkedIn will most likely use Facebook either for business branding or marketing or when they are relaxing, so you will have to decide when to communicate with someone; when they are relaxing or when they are thinking business.


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