Do You Have A Schedule?

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Do you have a schedule for blogging daily so you can make money online?

Working full-time from morning to late at night while trying squeeze time in to write a couple of blog posts a day consumes a lot of time. If you have a family, hobby or want time for other activities you will find that there just isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish everything. This is a clear problem for me and a few friends I’ve spoken to who also have a similar problem.

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So I thought about this and decided to draw on the experience I gleaned when working out to get bigger.

I followed a clear schedule which I stuck to on a daily basis and mapped out my goals and activities. I’m going to use working out as a reference point and relate it to blogging.


Let’s begin

1st Set Your Target

To get where you want to go, you need to know where it is you are trying to get to. It’s like exercising, you set a goal to bench press 100g and everything workout I did was specifically chosen to help achieve this goal. Setting a target gives you clarity, it reminds you where you’re going and also the purpose of doing what you are doing on a daily basis. This is my goal for this site:


  1. 500 daily unique visitors on average
  2. 20 quality posts daily, with a minimum of 365 a year
  3. Rank Globally on Alexa somewhere between 1–100,000
  4. Generate on average $350 everyday
  5. Build a team of superstars who enjoy writing, designing and marketing


2nd What Gets Measured Gets Managed

This idea from Peter Drucker is often used in business situations. It can mean that simply examining an activity changes the activity by forcing you to pay attention to it.


It means that by being able to measure all activities in a process you will then be able to handle it and eventually find ways to improve it.

Working out is the same. I made a 6week routine targeting a specific body part is o develop as well as overall body development. Every rep, any long pauses, the amount of weight, any positive or negative change was written down. I tracked my progress and knew my goal, well actually I set my goal a bit higher so even if I fell short I was still satisfied with the results.


So here is the strategy I’ve been implementing. I plan for the week, then each night before going to sleep I review that day’s activity to see how productive I was and if I’m satisfied with it. I then think about what could have been done differently to achieve a better result and how to apply it the next day. The next morning before getting out of bed I write an action plan for the day then my big lofty goals and dreams.



3rd Learning From The Best: Quality Focus Time

You see creating a daily schedule not only lets you know what you are going to achieve, it also reduces the amount of time spent thinking of what to do which we all know leads to nothing being achieved.


Steve Jobs knew this and one of the tasks he eliminated from his life, to save mental energy, was fashion. Have you noticed in pretty much every video interview or picture he always wore the same outfit? Well, that was a conscious decision by Steve Job and one that Mark Zuckerberg also adopted.


*Did you know? You have the most amount of will power in the morning but as the day continues, it slowly starts to dissipate. That is why at night you find yourself more likely to cheat on your diet, pick up that cigarette or even a glass of alcohol even though you said to yourself you were going to quit.*



4th Commit To Consistency

Deciding to go all in and make a living online is exciting. However success is definitely tied to the ability to keep working on a specific task or train of thought on a continuous and consistent basis.


Like when I committed to exercising I would do each body part on a daily basis as well as having a clean diet to support my growth. There aren’t any quick tricks or push button software that’s going to make you tons of cash or make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger instantly.


Working diligently and optimising your time every single day will produce results. Carve out a specific amount of time to work daily. Even an hour a day can make a big difference over time!


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