Facebook group or page: Which is best for you?

This image is from Ade falohun dot com. Which should you create Facebook pages or groups for branding yourself and marketing

Apart from allowing its users to make connections with friends, Facebook through the Facebook page and Facebook group options allows you to stay connected with your clients, and public figures. However, most people don’t understand the importance of these mediums neither do they know the difference.  Learning the difference between this two marketing funnels will help you utilize them efficiently for your business.

Facebook Page

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Pages are more suitable for brands, celebrities, organizations, and businesses that want to establish their presence on Facebook. One of the many benefits of creating a Facebook Page is increased visibility. So, if you are interested in establishing your brand and marketing your blog or branding and marketing yourself, creating a Facebook page is the way to go.
Anyone with a Facebook account can set up a page or manage it if they’ve been assigned a role on the page as an administrator or editor.
Members of the public can have access to your page at all times but cannot make any changes on the page.

Facebook page also called Fan page, allows you to share captivating contents and connect with your fans and people who ‘like’ your page can receive updates on their News Feed. Similar to a personal Facebook profile, fans can post comments regarding your updates.

The success of a page depends on the frequency and quality of your updates. Hence as a page owner, it is advisable to regularly provide interesting and appealing contents that are related to your brand. With an unlimited number of fans, Facebook page increases brand awareness and fosters fan loyalty.

Facebook Groups

Groups are collaborative in nature allowing people who share a common interest as they voice out their opinions.  Created for small group communication, Facebook Group range from athletic teams to religious groups, political groups and much more.

Unlike pages that are designed to promote brands, public figures, businesses, and organizations, groups allow people to be united by a common cause, activity, and purpose.

When you create a group, you can choose to make membership available to the general public, demand administrator approval for interested individuals or maintain an ‘invitation only’ policy. Members of a group can receive updates from their News Feed, interact and share with other members.

Groups are managed by the community and are designed to enable your followers to connect with each other. Besides creating content, the group administrators have the task of reviewing members post and implementing set rules.

Now that you can differentiate between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group, it’s time to make your choice. Deciding which is best for your business will ultimately depend on the on your objective.

Pages are suitable for brands that consistently add new materials, and it offers you multiple options for posting links, photos, and events.

This image is from Ade falohun dot com. Which should you create Facebook pages or groups for branding yourself and marketing

Pages allow you to develop your own content, post updates, make announcements as well as create an official presence on Facebook for your brand. Facebook page affords you the advantage of reaching a wider audience and gives you access to some third party apps that boost users experience. You can also verify your brand on your Facebook page.  On the other hand, Facebook Groups allow businesses to promote events and makes connection easier especially for businesses seeking new contacts. Buying and selling activities can be carried out through Sales Groups.

Groups are beneficial for small businesses intending to create a presence. They are also perfect for your employees to share ideas and foster teamwork. A group is best if you have a community that needs to connect with each other and have discussions on matters of common interest. What you choose depends on what you want. Most brands create Facebook Groups and Pages promoting their brand and building a network.

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