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Have you ever wondered why writing a blog post takes so long? Have you thought about how to improve your writing so you could get more blog posts, essays, books written? What about knowing how fast you are at writing?

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Well, I have found an awesome website that can help. The name of the website is “”


This website name is exactly what service it delivers, typing training. It helps people practice their typing skills on the computer. It does this by first showing your typing speed, then how to place the correct fingers on any keyboard and then what finger you should use.

This website is for anyone who is looking to save some time and improve their writing skills so they can create more blog posts, written content or even documents for school or work.

These days everyone uses a computer at work, so the need to write faster is paramount. Simply follow the clearly written out instructions on the website and enjoy learning what your writing speed is, how many words you can write in a minute, what errors you made, your overall ranking and how to improve your skills so you can write faster.

Some people say they practice writing every day and now they are pretty fluent at typing. It is entirely up to you when you choose to practice writing but consistency is key to improvement.

These days everyone uses a computer at work so the need to write faster is paramount. By learning about your typing speed you can see where to improve and how on this website.

Below is a video of how to use this software. There is also a sample demo of me using or

How to use typing test:

• Click on the link to go to the site.

• Select how long you want the test to be.

• Choose the language you want to write in.

• Choose the story you want to write.

• Tap the start button.

• You will then go over to the second page.

• Once you are ready, click the space below the story to start writing or start writing to begin.

• The timer on the right will let you know how much time you have left.

• You can see how many mistakes and your word per minute speed.

• Once the timer has counted down to zero.

• You are then taken to your summary page.



This is a great website worth using if you want to test your typing speed. Once you have your evaluation, you can use this as a skill set to show your future clients how fast you can write.

This is a great way to prove you are a fast worker and can deliver work on time. Finally, you have the option to learn the best way to put your fingers on the keyboard and start practising.

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