How Do I Mаkе A Successful Blоg As a Beginner?

5 Tips on blogging that I learnt from the experts

#howtoblog How do I make money blogging?

This was exactly the question I struggle to answer until several months ago. If you are serious about blogging as a profession, so you have the freedom to what from anyway, then you probably know what I mean, right?

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If you ever pay attention to the advertisements you see on the side of websites, or news articles on the internet, you might have noticed a trend promising you too can “make money online” or “how to make money blogging from home” etc.


They make it seem so easy to succeed making money online as a blogger. Well, the process is relatively easy movie if you follow a proven strategy and most of all, if you are blogging because it is your passion.


“Your heart will fuel you but your mind will need to guide you to success.”


You’ll need a proven strategy – Passion – AND Consistency!! BAM! That’s it, you’ve got the secret sauce in less than a paragraph. No need to read on… Really that’s it. Go buy yourself a WordPress theme template, make a logo and get started. Just make sure we connect again in about 12months time with your results.


What??… Still here? Hmmm, guess you’re not satisfied with that answer then.


Okay, let’s continue reading now into some more juicy in-depth knowledge and structures on blogging. These tips will help you find brand yourself and your blog.


These tips can also be used in branding and marketing your company’s website to generate more traffic and build a big customer base.


I’d like to welcome you to the idea that everything you are going to hear is both true and false, right and wrong, achievable and unachievable.


I hope this isn’t too confusing to grasp but the truth is many new bloggers aren’t sure where to begin or where they are going due to contradicting information from many different sources.

I will be writing about this topic in later posts but for now, let’s continue.


I have participated in several coaching programs and events online and around the world. The reason why I chose to attend these events was to get a better understanding of what it takes to build a successful blog. Of course success differs from person to person so let’s keep it in the context of building a site that can generate money.


Five Lessons From Successful Pro-Blogger

Below, I will reveal the “secrets” I have learnt from successful bloggers. You are going to learn from the lessons they have gleaned saving you time, money and energy so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.


1. Just Get Started

Most of them had no idea what they were doing at the beginning. A blog was just a hobby with no clear goal in mind but to connect with family and or friends. But one thing they realised was to keep a constant flow of writing.


2. Find a Mentor

Blogging is no different from a sport. If you want to learn to be a great tennis player, you join lessons and do everything the coach tells you to do it. The pro-bloggers learnt from others, they worked within teams to develop their skills and found someone who was ahead of them.


3. Get Obsessed

They have created a tremendous amount of content for their blog(s). They publish on their blog on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A couple have even lost subscribers due to “burnt out” from delivering too much information. (Wouldn’t that be something worth worrying about?)


4. Create a habit

You generally hear that a habit is formed in about 30 days of repeated action. To build up to that it is best to start smaller and gradually increase the challenge, 14-30-60-90-120-180 day blogging strategy in accordance to your personal pledge to develop consistently.


5. This is Work

Many pro-bloggers say they can now work from home and some say they can take a few weeks off without having to do anything but this is only possible now because they have put in the work. The biggest change was their mind-set. They changed from treating blogging as a hobby which was half-arsed to a dedicated full-time job. They committed to working full-time on their blogs and put in the hours upon hours on refining their blogging skills.

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