How To Make Money With Freelance Writing

10 Useful Resources to Start earning money online as a Freelance Writer


One of the most popular methods to make money online is Freelance writing. Several successful freelancers could make an average of $0.5 to $1 per word. Many more established writers can demand much more than that!

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Certainly, you can’t expect to start off earning that much at the beginning. You have to keep tweaking and developing your portfolio as well as crafting your résumé to be one that is highly sort after.

If you are interested in writing, I am sure you’d know this already. If you are not interested in writing, it is not recommended to travel down this road only for the money.


It takes commitment and time, though it could be extremely profitable if it is something you are passionate about. Supposing writing as a freelancer is something you love, let’s talk more about earning money with writing.


Before you choose to start approaching all of these freelance writing firms, you require a web presence. You must have a blog to showcase your talent and niche (interest or knowledge base) (in my modest blogger point of view, obviously).


Or just having a basic online portfolio would do. Even a LinkedIn profile is good enough to get you started.


Are you ready?


10 Useful Resources for Freelance Writers

Well, here are 10 resources that helps develop content writer’s skills to be more persuasive, faster and overall better at their craft.


Let’s begin…


Once you are prepared to really start earning money as a copywriter, try on these for size:

  • Listverse– They pay $100 for every post that is accepted. The article needs to be in a list, must contain 1,500 words minimum and you should include at least 10 things. Moreover, you could get quite creative with that.


  • TopTenz– They pay $50 for every post that is accepted. Again article needs to be in a list, must contain 1,500 words minimum with some exceptions. They post frequently so your likelihoods of getting acknowledged are pretty high. (Currently they aren’t accepting any new applicants, but if you email them they might add you to their team)


  • A List Apart– This website pays $150-200 for every post published. They are not highly recommended on this list, for the reason that they have a tendency to publish fewer articles and that means you do have a lower chance of getting accepted. Similar guidelines as above, 1,500 words at least.

  • International Living– You get $75 for each post that is accepted by them. They are frequently in search of travel experiences from places you have actually visited. For this website, it is more about your personal experience than your writing skill.

  • FundsforWriters– Website pays you 50 dollars for one post that is published. They are looking for articles on topics of writing and earning money with it. They accept articles consists of 500-600 words only, nevertheless, they would like you to make each word count.


  • Uxbooth– If you are looking for $100 for your post, this is your place to visit. They do tend to take 4 to 8 weeks to accept and post your articles, therefore, please do not count on this being a rapid money maker. It might take very long since they work with editors to publish astounding content only.


  • iWriter– This website offers $15 for one post. That might seem less, nevertheless, they are not as authoritarian as many of the others mentioned above and moreover, they permit you to choose precisely what you would like to write. You could write as much or as little articles as you would like to.


  • Textbroker– pays up to 5 cents for each word, if you are an awesome writer. You would start by yielding a short article as a sample and you would most likely begin as a 3-star writer here, however, you could work your way up by writing more great content.


  • Matador Network– They pay up to $60 for one post acknowledged, however, standard pay is around $25-$30. They do not actually an emphasis on least word count, however, they do have a maximum count of 1,500 words.


  • The Penny Hoarder– You could get paid up to $800 (seldom), contingent with the number of page views you get. Your pay starts from $100 if you receive 50,000 page views, so this is not a definitely paid article, however, it could possibly be greatly rewarding.



There is no doubt that you could earn money doing freelance writing, however, it is a process. Once you build your portfolio as well as your writing skills, you will start earning serious money.

If you are not an expert at writing, wait for some time and eventually you can actually start to earn enough some money as a freelance writer to call yourself a professional or even an entrepreneur.



The end


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