How To Market Yourself As A Coach Worth Listening To!


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Attracting a constant flow of ideal clients who are faithful, eager and long-term to pay for your products and services is the first key to any flourishing business.

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Client attraction is a continuous process, obviously, and the more people hear from you or of you, the more they’ll want to connect with you. Consider this as a “numbers game,” – the more methods you try, the better your outcomes will be.

Becoming a coach worth listening to is a great challenge. It makes no difference how good a coach you are or how long you have been coaching. You have to utilize your coaching techniques effectively and market them so as to attract new clients and maintain old ones.

The challenge is to attract new clients in a way that feels convenient, effortless and effective for you. These tips will help you achieve this:


Below we are going to cover 7 Marketing & Branding Strategies for YOU to apply to be known as the Expert Coach in your industry.


Sound good?

Ok, let’s begin!


1. Have a Plan Of Action And A Branding/Marketing Strategy

Map out the vision of your business and create smart goals to focus on for the year. Make sure that goals are attainable, measurable, time-bounded and relevant.


Create specific dates to achieve a goal or task and work your butt off to hit the deadline!


In order to achieve goals quarterly or yearly, identify the weekly and monthly milestones expected to accomplish your goals.

Your goals and target is the drive needed for you in such a way that you can attain whatever height you set for yourself.


2. Ask For Referrals

It sounds like a silly step yet it is effective. Your client base is the best place to get referrals for new clients. This is because your client base (a combination of both past and present clients) has tested the quality of what you offer and are assured fans.


Despite the fact that they are willing to refer you, they have no idea on how to go about it themselves. It is required of you to ask them directly. Hence, all you have to do is to take advantage of this opportunity, send an email or a letter to everybody on your list expressing that your business depends vigorously on referrals, and specifically ask them to take a moment to think of people who might benefit from the product you sell or service you offer.


This is one sure method of attracting new clients. In this case you are the coach and your clients are the listeners. They will do as you say in as much as they have tested the authenticity of your products and services.


3. Use Your Email Signature

This is a stress-free method that works effectively. It also works on autopilot! This method allows you to promote your brand and what you do to anyone that you exchange email with in a subtle and appropriate way.

In your email or list settings, create a reliable email “signature” segment that is automatically added to each email you send.


The content of your signature should entail:

Your name,

A brief description of your service e.g.

The Best Sushi Shop in London”,

60-Min Brand Strategist”,

Your Neighbour Olympic Coach”,

Founder of Lifestyle Coachings.Inc


Your email,

Business website address e.g. (don’t use a generic email address like,, etc.)

Your message,

A convincing message that will encourage your readers to visit your website and learn about what you offer.

Thusly, anybody and everybody you trade emails with will see this signature at the bottom of your mail. Email signature is not restricted to mails alone; it can be used in forums and chat rooms that cater for your target market. Have fun and see where you can use them. Why not comment below if you have any suggestions that could help other readers of this blog.


4. Become A Speaker

If you are a good talker who loves educating and motivating people, you can work on a presentation about your expertise and present it in different spots. There are so many venues such as Civil Organizations, Colleges, Chambers of Commerce, Associations and Public Library.

You can partner with a colleague who offers the same services as you do but also who is not a direct competitor. On the other hand create a small event either locally or via webinar or tele-seminar and promote it to everybody you know. Try not to worry over getting paid for any of these yet, this is just a free taste of what your offer and the more audience you get, the better.


If you want to figure out who you are and your personality type, why not take the personality test? Here is a link to one that I like:


You will learn what personality type you are based on the early 20th century brainchild and the father of analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung and his theory of psychological types. Are you an extrovert or introvert if so what kind? Check it out, take the test and share in the comment area below what you think of the personality test, and if it was accurate or not.


5. Share Your Enthusiasm And Inspire Others To Experience Your Product

Create an avenue for people to experience your product. Give them a trial taste and a free service.


For example: in supermarkets the always give out free samples to try. Even makeup and perfume departments offer samples to try on before you buy.


Utilize any opportunity to connect to your target market to show them how much you believe in your product. This is an opportunity for you to develop the relationship and illustrate how your product can take care of their problem(s).

Share your expertise through articles, blogs, stories, educational materials, whitepapers, testimonials etc. Attend events and be a guest speaker and give some give-aways. We all have different methods and approaches that suit our identity. Just remember to be real and authentic.


6. Develop And Be Your Brand

You are the image of your brand therefore you have to determine the feelings, thoughts and perceptions you want others to have about you, your business and your products. Build up your unique selling points and ask yourself what you have that is distinctive and more valuable than the competition.


See diagram below of how to define your USP (unique selling points).

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Facebook alone boasts over 400 million active users. You and your target audience are definitely using this platform.

In terms of business, the most important use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Instagram and the likes is to create and develop a real genuine relationship with people in your field of interest and offer them valuable content. Invite people to your social media page(s) and discussion forums.


Utilize your social media status to tell people about your new products, services and programs.

Facebook has a “fan page” to offer supportive contents, create one and let you clients follow you.

On Twitter and Instagram, tweets and images are used to establish rapport and offer value; hash tags “#” can also be used to create occasional announcements of products or events.


There are an interminable (endless) number of ways to utilize social networking sites to make valuable connections as well as offer incentives to your fans or potential clients. Take advantage of these tools while they are free as they will help you promote your brand’s products and services to both old and new clients.



Identify the kind of clients or industry you want to work with, brand yourself and then start marketing in that space. Use the USP for self-branding and then use these marketing techniques to laser in on a specific action plan. The best foundation you can lay for your business should be something you like doing and something you already have some expertise on.

Find your market! How do you do this? Swallow your ego, go out to people you don’t know and tell them about what you offer. The best time to embrace your audience is now!!!

Alternatively you can use this tool called “InstaMate” or “InstaEasy” to find an audience through popular trends and then decide if that is a niche you want to go into.


What are your thoughts?  Have you heard any other useful advice out there worth sharing?

Share in the comment area, I’m always looking there and ready reply to any interesting messages.

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