How To Market Yourself As A Freelancer With Your Blog

Using a blog to market yourself as a Freelancer - part 1

How To Market Yourself As A Freelancer With Your Blog and make money blogging with Ade Falohun

Is your dream to be the owner of a company, preferably yours?  Well, it’s time to get attention! Let’s looks break it down.

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The freelance industry is so noisy like many others. It’s no walk in the park trying to be the diamond in the dirt; standing out is such a chore that you almost feel like going back to work as an employee. BUT! Before you do that let’s read below how to be a dynamite that blows the dirt away (metaphorically speaking).


Before putting yourself out there for the whole world to see, it is important for you to know exactly what skills and talents you have. This can be done quite quickly.

  1. On a piece of paper write down everything you can do.

  2. Next to your list, write down A) Skilled, B) Competent or Average, C) Needs more practice.

  3. Next to that write down how fast you are at accomplishing or solving problems with this skill A) Very Fast B) Avg. C) Snail

  4. Next to list you will define your level of interest by writing A –love it, B – it’s pretty good, or C – don’t like. Best way is to imaging yourself spending all day doing this task, if you feel you can do it without taking break or having to eat or using your phone put that as a heart.

  5. Once have this, add up the total A = 3, B = 2, C = 0

Once you have completed this task you will now know what your skills and talents are. It’s quite eye opening isn’t it.


Now It’s time to figure out your personality type by taking a personality test. Don’t worry they are free and shouldn’t take too long. Just be very honest with yourself. You will discover to what level you are an extrovert or an introvert, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling type of person.

Check out this:

And this:

*Now to take this to the extreme, why not ask our friends and family if this best represents you because the way we see ourselves is clouded by our ego. Asking the people around you will give you an in depth understanding. You can take this to the next level and ask someone who hates you, they will be your harshest and most honest critique.*


Once you know your skills and have a deeper understanding of who you are, let’s move on to discovering what it is you will and won’t do for any amount of money. The worst thing is working with a client you hate or in an industry you do not support. An example would be a non-smoker who lost a family member due to cigarettes who is then asked to create a campaign, design or promote cigarettes. How awful would that be if you have to do the thing you hate the most? So define your will and will nots first.


Once you have completed all the tasks above, give yourself a pat on the back because you are now way ahead of the other freelancers who are just moving through the motion of life.

This is how you define what your unique selling point(s) are to the world!

It’s time to start looking outside. We are going to start searching for the big companies in our area that will benefit from the skills and talents we have. Make a list of these companies and also find their competitors. Get to know a bit about the company and what they stand for. If you still like them then it’s time to contact them. Call and speak to a few people in the company and connect with them on LinkedIn. At this point you are only gathering information.


Do you have your own website or blog?

Get one setup and start creating content regularly on topics of interest relating to the company you want to work for, and also showcase your talent. If you are a designer, post some of your work on your blog and talk about it. Explain your creating process, your inspiration, your goals etc. This is a good way to start creating a brand. (Check my posts on branding yourself)

You can use a free website creating platform like WIX or any other; there are lots out there. But if you are serious about creating a brand and name for yourself plus have the freedom to create your website the way you’d like, you are going to have to invest in hosting and a WordPress template. (If you need help with hosting & creating a WordPress site, click here now for my free website creation service)


to be continued on the next page of how to make money online through your blog as a freelancer

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