How To Market Yourself Online Using Social Media With A Clear Branding Strategy

Social Media Self-Marketing Strategies

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The process of marketing yourself online begins by identifying the unique qualities that are associated with you and reflect the best things about you as a person. You have to build a strong mental picture of yourself as you would like others to see you and pick your best qualities that fortify this image.

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For instance, if you like to be seen as trustworthy and bright or you want to be seen as a guru in a particular field, be careful in making your decision and remember that these decisions are more about setting goals for yourself than about making promises to others.


This topic is all about How To Market Yourself Online Using Social Media With A Clear Branding Strategy That Launches Your Brand’s Reputation To That Of A Legend In No Time


In the offline setting of business, the concept of branding is synonymous with products or services, companies and very rarely has the concept augmented elsewhere. However, in the internet world, it is very possible to use online branding strategies to build a person as a brand.

We can recall that the entire purpose of branding is to assemble certain attributes around the brand which later becomes distinctly related to the product or service. If the brand is strong enough, consumers will identify it with quality and practice their inclination for the brand rather than the competition.

The main essence of marketing yourself online has never changed; the purpose of creating a distinct and separate personality for yourself that makes you emerge from the pack.

Regardless of whether you need to be known for your products or services, becoming an online celebrity or legend is an absolute necessity for making a successful business.

Here are some tips that will guide you through this legendary process in no time.




1. Create A Voice Of Personality

Create a voice for your personality and use that voice to express yourself wherever it will be useful. You use your voice to make yourself heard on a website, a blog, a forum or even a combination of these three. A blog/website is a valuable base to which you can drive traffic while using search engine marketing strategies. Keep in mind that the site must be outlined in a way that every segment reinforces the personality traits that you are trying to portray.


2. Connect Your Networks Without Stress

Marketing yourself online requires the use of social media. Thanks to post sharing, the possibility of logging into every single social network that makes updates appear overwhelming has been checked. There are so many social networks today and it seem daunting a task to small companies without an extra staff to handle online marketing. Fortunately, many social networks offer integration with each other to allow streamlined updating. You can post to Facebook and the updates will appear on Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn.  You can also maintain a bookmarking site like Digg to a share on other network with just one click. RSS services are available on these profiles and it allows you to add information about your main site and also offer fresh information to visitors.


3. Write For Free On Article Directories

What you have to do next is to develop a daily routine of what you want to offer to the market during the branding process. One thing to do is to start writing articles about that particular niche (as mentioned above) and upload it on some article directories or even make it in form of a video and blast in on YouTube for free. The audio version of it can be converted to a podcast episode and uploaded on iTunes. After every upload, make sure you attach your social media accounts to the backlink or any available space in whatever you have done.


4. Solve Problems

This is somewhat similar to the above tip. There are problems in every single sector in this world, be it technology, sports, fashion, health and so on. Since you have decided to brand yourself online and you have done so with what best interest you make sure you solve problems for people in the same niche that your find yourself. Visit forums or blogs and check out posts in your area of interest then you provide quality answers to most questions you see.

Don’t forget to attach your website or social media account at the end of every solution. You will discover that with time, you will become a boss in such forum and later on people will be inquisitive to check out your website to seek more knowledge of you.


5. Linked In: One Great Tool

LinkedIn is one powerful business social network. If you are serious about your brand and career; you should be on LinkedIn.

There is this old principle that still stands: what you know matters less but who you know matters most.

LinkedIn will connect you with the right set of people you need to know. Furthermore, it will get you the required recognition as an expert/authority in your niche. Before you know it people will start reading your articles on your blog or website, comment on them, and start to ask you questions. LinkedIn will also help you get talking engagements which will generate some extra cash for you. Make sure you link your blog to LinkedIn, so they update get updated on autopilot.


6. Learn From Previous Leaders

Experience they say is the best teacher. If you want to learn more, you need to follow and learn from the best leaders in your field. Look for them, listen to whatever they have to say, follow them up step after step, and make a duplicate of their success if your work very hard and follow their lead. Be watchful of some so-called online leaders that may don’t practice what they preach. They are there to just mislead you and make themselves sound so important than they are. You don’t need to waste time on such people. A true leader is recognized for his/her achievements and the quality of the information they share.


In summary, the more you resist setting up social accounts for yourself and your business; the more time you allow people to misuse the name in your brand.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t intend to put too much into online socializing, you need to at least set up your brand on popular social medias so it’s unmistakable you are up to date on social networking. Set up every profile to link back to your official site, and incorporate backlinks to the platforms on your site to verify the branding.

You will discover that if you work on these few tips, your brand will catapult your reputation to that of a legend in no time.

Remember, you are your brand and your brand speaks in your absence.


What do you think? Did you find any of these tips useful?

Share your thoughts, suggestions and experiences with this in the comment below.


Until next time

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