I Interviewed a Pornstar

Interview with pornstar Genevieve Sinn


This is one of those scenarios you just can’t plan for.

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There I was in the HardRock Café, in Vegas, I had just exchanged some money and was getting ready to chance my “beginner’s luck” on the casino floor.


I am generally quite social and able to talk to anyone, especially after a couple of beers, so I start chatting to a few people about the rules and how to play, just friendly banter (it’s fascinating how so many people have their own unique system to play the tables).


Anyway, a young lady covered in tattoos and almost white contact lenses gives her suggestions about the HardRock’s casino floor and what not.


At first I thought she was a dealer at the tables who was on break and was trying to roundup a few customers but then, I thought, you won’t be able to walk around with all those tattoos showing, right?? But then again this is Vegas.


The conclusion I came up with was that she was a biker-tattoo artist. Not just any old biker-tattoo artist though, she had a back story. Her back story was that she was hoping to strike it big at the casinos before riding off, on her bike, to the next city to open up her own tattoo shop…


I just had to check, “Hey, cool tattoos… Are you some kind of biker-tattoo artist by chance?”

“No” she said busting into laughter. She then responded nonchalantly, “I’m a pornstar.”

Flabbergasted, I was not expecting that at all.



So many questions…


Basically she was in town to promote herself and her network at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. This Expo is said to be the largest adult entertainment convention and trade show in the USA, and it is sponsored by AVN magazine.


She has starred in a few adult films but describes herself as an up and coming adult entertainer. She goes by the name Genevieve Sinn (sin with two ns). I’m sure you will be able to Google her and find out more BUT… Warning, Contains Adult Material, duh! Here is her twitter account


She said her unique factors are her tattoos and chest. However she described herself as being a friendly, down to earth and an artist.


I asked how she got into the adult industry and said she googled “How to make money”. That was one of the advices that came up.


I guess I’m not so lucky to find such great advice. When I searched my result were complete surveys online, write an international bestselling book, start a blog etc.



If you interviewed a porn star, what questions would you like to ask? Share below.

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