Make Waves Blogging by Building a Cohort

How toBuild a Million Dollar Blog

John Chow, Syed Balkhi, Zac Johnson & John Rampton

First of all let’s understand the definition of the word Cohort. Cohort is defined as a group of people with shared characteristics. It is also defined as a supporter or companion.

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The first presentation I attended at the #ASW17, in the Paris Hotel, was held by a panel of four of the most successful bloggers and internet marketer in the industry. (names below)


During the Affiliate Summit West 2017 in Las Vegas #ASW17, John Chow, Syed Balkhi, Zac Johnson and John Rampton shared their experiences and knowledge on how to become a millionaire blogger. Their presentation was very insightful and had everyone at the edge of their seats revving to get on their laptops and start applying all the practical skills given by all four speakers.

It was a top-notch presentation on how to become a millionaire blogger.


Below is just one of the tips that was given by the four panellists. I will be adding more soon and breaking them into bite-sized information for an easy read.


Let’s begin!


One of the tips they suggested was to have regular meetings with your cohort, your team, your group. This wasn’t just any kind of meeting where you just have to attend and listen to one person speak. This meeting is active and involves everyone contributing.


The way this works is simple, every week yourself and your cohorts are tasked with coming up with 10 new blog articles. So if, for example, your team (including yourself) consists of 5 people then that would be 5 people x 10 article suggestions. You will have a total of 50 new articles per week to write about and discuss with your readers.

The second way to maximise the performance of your cohort is to make the meetings open for people to give their thoughts. You are free to say if the something is bad or if it is good. Also because it is a group activity, the ideas you bring can then be improved by your cohorts and more ideas and suggestion can develop from the original ten each person came up with.

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How awesome is that?

Quick summary of this article:

  • Build a team of like-minded people
  • Have weekly meetings with predefined tasks
  • Everyone must contribute in the meeting
  • Everyone must bring ten fresh new ideas to the meeting
  • You are free to speak your mind in every meeting
  • You are free to make suggestions to improve ideas
  • If a member fails to contribute or doesn’t show up they are kicked out.


What do you think?

Share your thoughts, comments or alternative tips below.

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