6 Apps For Saving or Earning Extra Money INSTANTLY

Do you frequently find yourself wasting time by browsing through your mobile phone?

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Gaming and flicking through social media websites all day, however, these actions can’t earn extra money in your pocket.

Spend the maximum of your spare time using these apps on your smartphone and start saving or making extra cash easily while still doing the activities you love doing on your phone.

Does it seem like there is a catch here?

Well… to be brutally honest, NO, there is not. (These are just some useful apps that you can use to earn some dosh)

Numerous legitimate, unrestricted apps let you make cash easily online by doing surveys, watching videos, ghost shopping, photo sharing and more.

Many apps provide an abundant amount of ways for you to make money fast and are willing to pay you as well as permit you the freedom to make money when your schedule permits.


Try These On For Size:

Let’s look at 6 different types of apps for android and Apple that are available for you to start using for easy cash online with no investment or subscription.


Let’s begin…



Collect points entitled SB by going through the Web, carrying out surveys, watching videos, friend referrals, shoping in the app’s shopping mall, finalizing special offers, doing votes in daily polls, find swag codes, and then enter in fun contests through social media as well as the Swagbucks’ blog.

Points earned could be exchanged for gift coupons from famous stores like Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Walmart or Target and even for PayPal money.

Download this amazing app on your Android or Apple devices.



Earn on average $6 to $15 for each month, as stated by CNET, for placing ads on your Android phone.

Every time you look at your device, you would see a card comprising of a news story or a promotion.

You may slide towards the left to study further, slide up to check an alternative card and you can slide right to use your mobile as usual.

You do not get any more or less cash for going through the content, so you intentionally do nothing to receive money.



Accumulate cash for attaining your fitness goals.

Download the app on your Apple or Android phone, create a pact of a week to exercise extra or eat healthy foods.

Use this app to pursue your goals and make on average $0.3 to $5 every week for attaining consequences, subject to the number of activities accomplished.

Your activities are confirmed with GPS, pictures, and other services.



Get paid for watching the trailers of apps launched recently comprising of 30 s or even less on your smartphones.

At 500 points you start earnings ($0.5) and can be exchanged for gift vouchers or cash through PayPal, as stated by Dailybucks.info.

One more way to make money with this app is to Upload videos and obtain likes.


Google Opinion Rewards

Users of android devices can reply to a Google’s survey and get up to $1 in Play credits, however, the credits differ, determined by the type of survey.

Download this app, fill some questions about yourself and hold on a little to get your first survey questions.

Anticipate that you would be given on average one survey each week, covering areas like “Which web design is the best?” and “How often do you plan on eating something new?”



Do some mystery shopping at businesses in your area and get paid for that.

Just download this app for your smartphones either iOS or the android and look for a mission that best suit you.

It merely takes 5 to 10 minutes to answer the 5 to 10 questions you would be asked, and within a day you would be eligible to gather quality as well as credit points for doing this.

Anticipate earning around 150 points for $1.5 and 3,000 points for $30 for every accomplished mission, as stated by the book “Easy and Quick Money”.

Pay varies from $0.25 to $5 in cash for doing surveys, and on averages $1 each. When you make points for $10, you can get your money using PayPal.




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