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Ever thought about improving the chances of your blog's visitors sharing your content? Well, here's how: Provide an easy way to do so with no barriers.

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A great tool to use to get your visitors sharing is to add embed codes in your posts on images or photos you don't mind sharing. Offering embed codes gives permission to any of your visitors to share your infographic image or photo with their friends or on their blog.

Providing embedded codes in your posts also helps your blog's ranking because every time a visitor shares or posts your image on their site you instantly get a backlink to your site. This will increase your brand awareness too because Google will see others are linking to your website.

Fortunately, embed code doesn't require any technical knowledge and can be done in minutes. Here is the website you can use to create your embedded code. (

You can embed your code here and let other people copy it to their site
Note, as you begin filling out your infographic image or photo information, the site will automatically add it to the correct section of the embed code you will be using.

Below is a quick list of what you'd need to set up your code.

    • Site Name: Enter your websites name and use http://


    • Post URL: Enter the link of your post with the infographic


    • Image URL: You can find this in WordPress by clicking “Add Media” - then click on the image and on the left you will see URL, Title, Caption etc. Click on the URL and copy everything. Go over to the embed code website and past the URL.


    • Image Alt: This is a quick description of the image you are going to let people share.


    • Width of Image: If you are not sure, go back to WordPress, click “Add Media” and click on the image. All the information you need about that image will display on the right hand side. The image size will look something like this 667 x 1000. The left is the width and the right is the height.


    • Height of Image: You can leave this blank.


    • Embed Box Width: This is pre-set so you don’t need to change it.


    • Embed Box Height: This is pre-set so you don’t need to change it.


    • USE THIS CODE: Click and copy code. You then go back to your website or WordPress, click on text not visual and paste the code where ever you want it to show up. I’d put it under the image you want your visitors to share.


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