Periscope or Snapchat? Which are you going to use...

Periscope is a mobile phone app that enables users to live stream videos. It is a “live video streaming platform”, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself.  Those watching live can type in short messages that appear over the video, either to make a comment, ask a question or just to say hello.

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If a user shares his or her scope publicly on this platform then it will be available for anyone to replay over the next 24 hours (unless you decide to delete it). While replay viewers can’t leave a comment, both live and replay viewers can tap on the screen to send a heart to show they are enjoying the video or a stream of hearts to say they loving it.


Snapchat on the other hand is a mobile phone app that enables users share photos and short video clips either with selected people or anyone and everyone who cares to follow you. You can add these together (via your story) to make a visual diary of your day. Each photo or video clip added to the user’s story will only be viewable for 24 hours, after which it disappears. Snapchat is gradually gaining momentum among users.


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  • Periscope allows users to watch live broadcast, also known as a scope, type in messages to make a comment or just say hello while Snapchat allows you to take photo or video clip but does not have live streaming.


  • Periscope allows viewers to experience the broadcast with anyone from the comfort of their own home, this feature is not available on Snapchat


  • Periscope has the capacity to interview people, host questions and answer sessions, reveal behind the scenes actions and promote live events and even hold webinar-like discussions. Snapchat has the capacity to take a snap but does not provide live interactions.


  • Periscope enable user share location which means while broadcasting people can find such user’s location via map. Snapchat does provide this feature


snapchat or periscope app, which is the best?
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Periscope can be used by users to:

  • Provide Useful Industry Information: Periscope provides the medium to break news to your online community before anyone has a chance to write about it. Publishing a half-decent blog post on an industry innovation could take hours.


  • Provide Content for Other Channels: Users can repurpose Periscope broadcasts to provide content for your other social channels.


  • Connect With Influencers: It serves as a channel for connecting with influencers in the industry. It help get noticed through display of broadcasts, insightful comments and intelligent questions on your social channels.


  • Video Library: you are able to view past videos for future references.


Snapchat can be used by users to:

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  • Improve online persons, products and services: the Snapchat platform promotes and improves perception of personal brands because of its unique features and capabilities of enhancing picture quality.
  • Improve Outreach: Snapchat is also one of the fastest growing platforms for millennials (generation Y). According to, 30% of millennials use the platform on a daily basis. This makes it a vital and useful medium to reach out to this particular group.
  • Prevents the Risk of Hacking: this social media network can be used to prevent the risk of people hacking into its servers, unlike some e-mail providers and other social media (check story here)



Snapchat’s interface is a little more confusing, the different swiping options with no clear directions can get frustrating expecially when you are trying to go back. Snapchat doesn’t really explain how to clearly add people and how to get people to join. You will have to do a lot of your own researching to find out how.


Go with Periscope. It links directly with your Twitter account and lets others know when you are live. They do this by notifying people who follow you.

When I scope with Periscope, after about 30 seconds I could see people signing on and a few even gave some hearts.

At the end you can see a line graph showing when people were most engaged, when they logged in, the number of people who signed in more.

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