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8 Features AWeber Offers

Let’s be honest, running an online store requires a lot of work when it comes to promoting. You have to connect with clients through social media, blog entries, upsells all through the sales procedure, coupons and the various components that push individuals to your site. However, in this AWeber review, we discuss the one advertising strategy that appears to remain over the rest: email marketing. Not only you get an opportunity to associate with clients through their very own inboxes, however, services like AWeber make it simple with automated campaigns, lovely formats, and reports to see how well you’re doing.

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In case you’re searching for an email marketing application for your e-commerce store AWeber is the solution for you.



Campaign Management

The grStart Your Free Trial Todayeatest question you should have when selecting an email marketing stage is, how simple is it to make an expert email and send it out? Gratefully, the campaign manager with AWeber is keep running with a drag and drop editor. It means you don’t have to know anything about coding. Also, you have the chance to create automated campaigns that go out at specific periods of time. In this way, if you would like to send an automated email to each new e-commerce client, it just pauses for a minute to setup.


Computerized Follow Ups

Start Your Free Trial TodayOne of the loveliest features is forwarding Computerized Follow Ups messages based on client activity. For instance, if a client goes to your site and purchases an item, you might need to send them a thank you a message. If following two months they don’t return, AWeber has tools for forwarding coupons for bringing back the people to the store.


Solid Signup Forms

Coordinating with most e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce is no Start Your Free Trial Todayissue, and the signup frames you put on your e-commerce store are immediately arranged and perfectly marked. This helps with developing your list quick, and it also allows for A/B testing.


Subscriber Segmenting

AnStart Your Free Trial Todayy individual who runs an online store knows the significance of customer segmentation. Forwarding broad messages to everybody is going to return fewer conversions. So, AWeber has complete instruments for segmenting the general population on your list. Possibly you have a few people who you consider VIPs. Possibly you like sending messages to individuals who haven’t been to your shop in for a moment. Anyway, the tools are there for making this segmentation happen.


E-commerce Integrations

From PayPal to Etsy, and Shopify to WooCommerce, AWeber has an Start Your Free Trial Todayassault of integrations with features that will undoubtedly come up on your e-commerce trip. For instance, you might need to get an email signup frame on your WordPress site controlled by WooCommerce. not only  there is a functionality for this, as well as it just pauses for a minute to get it combined and put on specific parts of your site.



Start Your Free Trial TodayClick-through and opens are all included with email examination. See which items individuals are most inspired by, and thus, segment your lists in light of the reports that come in subsequent to forwarding email pamphlets.



A 30-day free trial is granted to the individuals who might want to begin and see precisely what it brings to the table. This has transformed from a shorter $1 time for testing previously, making it significantly more competitive in the market. Additionally, this application offers six different installment plans, making it much less demanding for you to spare cash and get that arrangement that fits your organization the best.


Customer Support

E-commerce stores require consistent support to guarantee that they don’t lose any cash from broken messages. Fortunately, AWeber has one of the best team in the business, and they offer live client support through chat or the telephone. You can also send an email if you would like to.

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