What is Affiliate Marketing About?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing

Understanding what affiliate marketing is and how to make money with it.

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy in which website owners advertise merchants’ products and services and earn commission through sales. Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time.

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It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online for affiliates who have websites.
Affiliate marketing has its advantages. For starters, you make money through commissions.


It does take some time but there are affiliates who really cash in. Secondly, you never run out of merchandise to sell making the business profitable. Affiliate marketing breaks the norm of a 9-5 routine and can be practiced globally.


How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a business; therefore take the business seriously. Just like any other business, affiliates need strategies to make profits. These guides have been compiled from successful affiliates on the best strategies to make profits.


Businesses are designed to offer solutions. In order to offer solutions, find your target audience and focus on the problems that they are facing. Create strategies that offer solutions to their problems. Research is recommended to get the best analysis.


Proper analysis creates proper approach and ultimately great results. Affiliates mostly focus on physical products.


After identifying your target, enhance your expertise. Potential buyers already know what they want- they only need you to confirm. Having adequate knowledge of the products you are promoting enhances trust which generates leads and sales.


Most affiliates write product reviews that provide description and valuable information. When writing a review, be honest and accurate.


Lastly, you need an affiliate network or independent merchants. They are your ‘employers’. There are countless businesses that offer affiliate programs so be smart when making selections.


Consider some important factors such as: reputation, payment methods, popularity, types of payout, terms and conditions, and performance and credit worthiness.


Clickbank is the most famous affiliate program that is easy to setup. Simply go to the marketplace and click the promote button. Include your Pitch Pages and Custom HopLinks.

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5 Steps to Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers are sales people who generate leads into sales.


Having a lot of traffic on your site, increase leads which increase sales. The most common way of making sales is through promotion.


Promote products that you relate with so that you can be more convincing to your potential buyers.


Consider recommending products as opposed to asking visitors to directly purchase products. Take a look at individual that can increase your chances of success.


A) Build your site

Websites and blogs that are user friendly often have high traffic. A beautiful site that is easy to navigate is highly preferred. BlogSpot is highly ranked on Google and offer breath taking features.

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Find potential keywords using Google’s external keyword tool.


Using your keyword, Google can provide a list of the most searched keywords globally. Global month searches connected to your products are important as they give you useful information.


The density of keywords can affect your Google rank. It’s possible to see the ranking of your keywords on Google. Keywords that come empty indicate that there were no searches so avoid them and focus on those that rank highly.


B) Link building

img source: bettergraph
img source: bettergraph

Link building is the easiest and fastest way to boost your rank on Google.

Link building requires your site, keyword phrase that offers description, and keyword phrase that is clickable.


Blog that have comment sections use link building as well. Backlinks offer quick results.


C) Advertisements

img source: facchouston
img source: facchouston

There are many ways to advertise your products online. Social media is the easiest and most effective way to advertise products.


Twitter is a great messaging tool, Facebook offer a fan page over a wide platform while Pinterest offer affiliates a tool to share photos of recommended products.


Banners are good options to provide quality images of your seller’s websites. Have few but high quality images that capture your visitor’s attention.


Newsletters collect contacts from visitors. They are let them know when you have new products.


D) Reviews

img source: verticalresponse
img source: verticalresponse

Advertisements make profits when you offer readers valuable information about the product.


Most reviews are based on personal opinion about the product.


Great reviews have description, pros and cons and personal experience. Comparisons are written as reviews to help prospective make informed decisions.


Reviews should have their own resource page because they propose solutions.


E) Increase traffic

img source: mikesireci
img source: mikesireci


Traffic will increase sales so dedicate your time to more visitors.


Strategic approaches such as informative articles, social bookmarking and blog commenting increases traffic.


Interesting videos and photographs that go viral also increase traffic.


You are free to employ any other strategies that you see fit.


the end.

If you have any comments, thoughts or experiences that you would like to share, feel free to comment below. Let’s get a conversation going that would help you and new readers.

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