What is an Autoresponder Service and How Does It Work?

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What’s an Autoresponder Service?

An essential for just about any blog or internet business is having an email marketing provider. Keep reading…

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Whenever a friend, acquaintance or family member asks for advice on internet marketing or their internet business, I usually suggest they take these two actions:


1) Start writing on their blog or post videos religiously

2) Get an autoresponder


Within this article I will provide you with a quick summary of autoresponders, and break down why you need to be utilising them. Let’s begin by explaining autoresponders really are.


Autoresponders are emails scheduled to be sent automatically. These web apps are usually used as a tool for email marketing, to instantly provide information directly to potential customers after which are then kept in contact with by sending out emails at pre-selected times.


Autoresponders assist you to automate projects and allow for greater one-on-one communication than any other email provider.


Autoresponder services have two kinds, time-based and event-based. (Below)



You communicate with your contacts, individually and privately, by sending out a sequence of well-crafted messages at specific times and days from the time the new contact joins your campaign. An example will be on day one you send out an immediate email. Use the autoresponders to instantly automatically email ANY individual who signs up to join your project’s campaign.



This type of autoresponder sends out an email once the user does a task you request e.g. click on button or link, reads your email or newsletter, edits their private data (for example address, product or service choice), completes a target specified (e.g. a download or they buy), opts in to a campaign or reaches an anniversary, birthday, or any other significant date you choose. Event-based autoresponders can be used by individually or to complete time based autoresponder sequence.


Why Autoresponders are a must have

A great deal of e-mail marketing will get automated when you start using autoresponders – assuming things were properly set up, subscribers get specific individualized messages directly sent from your company or you without you getting stressed out about delivering each of your message by hand. Therefore the major advantage when you start using autoresponder is simple: they help you save time in a variety of ways.

(Check out Aweber for … )

Smart ways to use autoresponders

(Above) We looked at two ways of delivering information after a person opts in to your mailing list. Your mailing list is vital if you wish to keep a healthy dialogue with your subscribers. There are other advanced (and possibly more essential) steps you can achieve with autoresponders, once someone subscribes, or their habits when they are online:


For instance, you are able to

  1. Use autoresponders to deliver birthday messages and other personalised individuals in your subscriber list


  1. Easily transfer your subscriber from one sequence of communication to a new one once they purchase a product or service (i.e., transfer them from the curious, to customer, to a high valued member.


  1. Change your subscriber from a specific autoresponder sequence to a different one when he/she clicks a specific link inside an email


  1. Email lot of people even up to twelve months from when they purchased a product (for instance, to inform them to renew their contract or warranty etc.)

Email automation made simple with autoresponder services

How can I send autoresponders?

You’d better get a free trial with one of these web apps GetResponse or AWeber – the two are not the only out there but are the most talked about with really good reviews from industry leaders. These web apps are all dedicated tools for hosting e-mail lists and delivering e-newsletters / autoresponders for them. AWeber and GetResponse are pretty similar but have their own unique features and design.

(GetResponse the autoresponder I use. Here’s why …)

(Read this if you are a beginner: Both are good and have features that you might want, but as a beginner your focus should not be on which one has the best features for programming because it is a waste of your time. Your focus should be on learning how to send out email, writing content, when to send out your messages and what quality product or service you are going to offer. )


If you are going to choose an autoresponder these days you really only need to focus on 6 things:


#1 How easy can it integrate with other websites you own?


#2 How simple is it to use while still retaining all of the sophisticated functions?


#3 Is it affordable for what I need it to do?


#4 How do is their customer service?


#5 Are there any video tutorials created by the company?


#6 Do they offer a free trial?


#7 Do they offer more than just autoresponders e.g. free templates for websites, email and opt in forms?


GetResponse covers all the points above. Below is a quick video on GetResponse and some of its cool features and benefits.


GetResponse For Email Marketing & Automation

I’ll also suggest looking at AWeber which is one of their direct competitors. AWeber also covers a couple of the mentioned criteria above.

AWeber For Email Automation & List Building

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications



Must I stop using ‘manually’ emailing when I get an autoresponder?

No – there are still times when it’s perfectly ok to manually message your subscriber’s e-newsletter. Examples will be news updates, seasonal promotions, discounts, festive occasions, sales and so on. All in all when autoresponders are used correctly you will free up a huge chuck of time that could be spent creating new products, services or connecting with people in market.


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