What is the size of an Instagram photo?

Instagram's Dimensions for Square, Horizontal & Portrait Images

learn how to market yourself by using the correct instagram new image size, ratio dimensions for horizontal, vertical and square images

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms these days. It’s got 300 million plus engaged users, and it’s still rising at a tremendous rate. Instagram’s social networking niche is photo and video (14 seconds long) sharing. Instagram has introduced instant private messaging and recently added live broadcasting to compete with Snapchat.

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Instagram was growing at such a rate with its image and video sharing platform that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1,000,000,000 (billion). (Read full article on the Guardian – here)

Facebook has expanded on Instagram’s mobile platform form sharing images and videos to now include video live broadcasting. It was thought that Facebook over valued Instagram’s platform, but with 300 million plus engaged monthly users, an immeasurable amount of image and video sharing, its value has actually risen beyond the original price.

Although Instagram was created a while ago, people and I included aren’t always clear about what size pixels the images should be on Instagram. The photo specs for Instagram was w:612 x h:612. However Instagram then changed it to w:640 x h:640 but then changed it again to w:1080 x h:1080 in July 2015 to allow for better quality on HD displaying phones, laptops and tablets.

Instagram has now introduced vertical, horizontal and square photo ratios however, many Instagram users aren’t aware of this.

Most users are keeping with the square ratio for now, and it’s still a good shape. The taller image gives your profile a quality Pinterest look (where tall mages rule) without needing to make a different image. Listed below are the new Instagram image sizes. Users are able to use any of these photo ratios in pixels.

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Square Photo size: w:1080 x h:1080

Vertical (portrait) Image size: w:1080 x h:1350

Horizontal (landscape) Image size: w:1080 x h:566

Profile Picture Image size: w:110 x h:110

At present (Jan 2017) the photo size and dimensions are w:1080 x h:1080 and these are expected to be the standard for Instagram for a while. Because the image dimensions have been increased to w:1080 x h:1080. Your images will automatically be shrunk to w:640 x h:640 with CSS online. This is done so that your photos retain its quality on HD screens.
Here are the sample Instagram picture ratio and the dimensions you can use:

guide for what image and photo size to use on Instagram

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