Where great ideas come from: Stop Learning and START DOING

Generating ideas: Stop Learning, START DOING

We have all fallen into this at some point or another. We feel that by learning we are actually doing but they are not the same thin. Learning is learning and doing is doing.

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Let me explain…

If I wanted to learn how to swim and I decide to buy a few books and videos on swimming, I will begin to gain a lot of knowledge on swimming from what to wear, how to stretch, what the different kinds of strokes there are, the best kind of water to swimming in, the best time of day to swim etc. You get the idea right?

I am basically learning about swimming but not actually doing swimming.

Now what if I decide to NOT read or learn anything and simply GO to the swimming pool. I then enter the water and begin moving through the water. I then try and float but find it REALLY difficult to do so, so I ask the life guard or one of the instructors how. I take their advice and practice it.

Now I need to learn how to move. I have the basic idea and yes I’m moving but not fast enough. I ask the instructors on the side and they suggest I take a specific kind of lesson that would suit me. I take their advice and find one.

I now have a swimming instructor who coaches me through all my mistakes as I progress.

My coach then invites me to represent the club and I do. We win.

I am then asked by my friends how I won and what I did it. I introduce them to my swimming coach who is always looking for dedicated learners.


Anyway, do you see the difference?

One action chose to learn everything without practicing, while the second action was do (swim) first AND THEN ask for help in the areas that needed work.

This can method should be applied to ANY action you are taking on. If your goal is to get a blog going, it is not about working hard; learn everything yourself.

It is about working smart; knowing where you are weak and asking for help.


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